When our Children become our Friends

18th March 2020 When we become mothers for the first time, our priority is to be the caregiver and the nurturer. We are primarily focused on keeping our children from harm, creating safe environments for them to flourish in and being their safe place – literally. Our time is spent on feeding, changing nappies, burpingContinue reading “When our Children become our Friends”

My partner dresses me – round 2

Are you brave enough to let your partner choose your outfits for a week? We were. Belinda and I participated in the #mypartnerdressesme challenge. When we did our monthly social media planning, it was decided that for a week in November we would let our husbands choose what we wear. Instagram was the forum we chose to showcase out stylists’ creations.

My Partner Dresses Me Challenge

Last month, whilst planning for the month of November, we decided it would be fun to do +mypartnerdressesmechallenge on Instagram. We put it out on the Gram and for a very small brand, Matilda and I were quite honoured and thrilled at the response. In the end, we were ten ladies participating.

Meeting the guy

We drove all the way from Witbank to Potchefstroom to meet a guy. Not any guy. Our daughter, Karla, has been dating this guy for a month. We’ve seen the photos on Instagram and we’ve heard how stunning he is from Karla. It was time. Time to meet someone that has the potential of becoming part of our family.