When did I start wearing black?

7 January 2020 On this blog, we speak about our ‘journey’ with style and fashion. I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but from the start of documenting this journey, I have been aware of a shift in my style. I must admit, I do really feel more and more comfortable in the clothes IContinue reading “When did I start wearing black?”

Wearing a Collarless Shirt

When choosing to wear a collarless shirt, these are some of the ‘rules’ I impose on myself. They are not necessarily the ‘fashion tips of the century’ (or should I say decade), but they are some tips that have helped me not look too fussy with this look.

3 Outfits with White, Straight-legged Pants

Our mission this year with MSJ, is to have a more sustainable closet by the end of the year, than what we do now. One way to do that, is to find more ways to wear one item. Matilda shared in her recent post about her process in deciding whether she was going to bring in a pair of black trousers into her wardrobe. She wanted a few different ways to wear them, so that got me thinking.

My Partner Dresses Me Challenge

Last month, whilst planning for the month of November, we decided it would be fun to do +mypartnerdressesmechallenge on Instagram. We put it out on the Gram and for a very small brand, Matilda and I were quite honoured and thrilled at the response. In the end, we were ten ladies participating.