How MSJ (My Style Journey) came about

Approximately a year ago, I started with a Facebook page of the same name. I tried to write 6-8 posts every day. I wanted to appeal to the more mature woman. I wasn’t entirely sure what my niche was going to be, but I knew I wanted to start sharing from my truth – which is fluid by the way. It does change – often!

Anyway, I just started. I wrote about things that interested me and it grew from there. All of a sudden, people were responding to my posts. A community was beginning to form and I experienced a momentum building. It was about the first week of August, 2018, that I uploaded my first YouTube video. I kept mostly with the theme of fashion for the mature woman, but every now and then, added a video where I shared a little more of my heart. YouTube has not grown as I have hoped but I do understand it is a saturated platform, and there are many, many, more qualified women than me, doing much of the same thing – and have been doing so for years. I made a decision to keep being consistent, even if my followers and views weren’t really growing. I was having fun. It felt like the right thing to be doing now, so I just did it.

Fast forward to March 2019. Matilda and I have been friends for more than ten years. We met in a small home school group in my previous town I lived in. She is one of the few friends I have left from that time of my life. Our friendship was becoming more dear to me. I cherished her forthright honesty, her questioning mind and her loving acceptance of the controversial person I now felt I could fully be. She didn’t flinch when I shared new beliefs I was discovering, new fields of interest and she embraced my raw honesty. If I’m totally honest, we are kindred spirits, who happened upon our inner journeys at similar times. I asked her, very tentatively, if she would consider doing MSJ with me. I had seen another couple of friends on Instagram and YouTube, @wearetwinset, and loved their dynamic. Of course, I didn’t want to do the same thing they were doing. Not only are we middle-aged, but neither one of us has any training in the fashion industry. My idea was to just have fun together and film as much of it as we could, posting to Facebook along the way. I was leaving for a week away from home, so asked her to let me know after we were back. In essence, it took her two weeks before she responded, but when she came back with a resounding YES, I was thrilled, to say the least.

Since then, we have been working hard on our new Instagram account, @my_stylejourney, our Facebook Page: My Style Journey and our YouTube Account of the same name. This year, both of us have found ourselves on similar journeys where mindful, conscious and ethical shopping is concerned, so we have tended to move naturally in that direction. We have also both discovered thrifting and how much we enjoy keeping clothes in the cycle for longer. We are moving our channel on YouTube to incorporate discussions we have around topics that really MATTER to us. Our main focus will always be to come from a very authentic place! No matter where this business ends up going, we will hold each other accountable always, to that authentic standard.

Matilda will share, from her perspective, from when she joined MSJ…

Belinda xo

When Belinda asked me to join My Style Journey I was both surprised and unnerved. For many years my days were spent schooling my kids and driving my kids to activities. I was one of those stereotypical moms that did everything for her children, but I was changing. My life’s journey was taking me into a whole new way of thinking and doing. Belinda was and still is an integral part of this new way. I was petrified, but also desperate. I was petrified that I would not be able to do this, that I am not qualified, that I will be a liability to Belinda. On the other hand I was desperate to reconstruct my dull, stagnant life.

For most of the two weeks after Belinda asked me to join My Style Journey I was alternating between hell yes and hell no. To be totally honest I had a very superficial knowledge of fashion and decor (I am still a novice, but learning everyday). I had no idea how I would be able to contribute to these themes on Facebook. The idea of posting photos of myself on Instagram or actually be seen and heard on YouTube had my jaw locked in a stress spasm for a week. But I also needed to change my life. I had already started to change my story in my mind and it was time to take action. I reminded myself of who I am and then I thought of the person that so lovingly asked me to come with her on a journey. Belinda was prepared to take a chance on me. She was prepared to share her vision, her journey with me. This definitely tipped the scales. And I said YES!

After working together on My Style Journey for a while, we had a shift towards living consciously and above all authentically. This happened as an outflow of who we have become and are still becoming. We just want to share our authentic selves and create an environment where you can get to know and be your authentic selves too.

I will for ever be grateful to be a part of this amazing journey and for the friend I get to explore this adventure with. And for the laughs. I really appreciate the laughter.

Matilda xo

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