The Evolution of MSJ – My Style Journey.

It was approximately around August of 2018, I started a Facebook Page of the same name, My Style Journey. Initially, my focus was anything to do with what women deemed as her ‘personal style’. I focused on skin care, fashion and healthy ageing.

For me, I didn’t want to box myself in, as I enjoy the whole ‘journey’ and again, for myself, nothing is static. Everything is always changing, and I have always loved that about myself. I can become easily bored doing the same thing day after day.

During the lifetime thus far of MSJ, I began it alone and focused on the things mentioned above. Matilda joined me in April 2019 and stayed until June 2020. She provided a completely fresh and dynamic aspect to MSJ. Her approach to life is far more sustainable. Her presence challenged me in many ways. I started to explore in depth, incorporating a more conscious approach to fashion, within my own wardrobe. Initially, I would be more conscious of fabrics and textiles, opting for more natural fibres. I then explored trying a more classic wardrobe, a process that proved very interesting indeed. I realised that I had always been drawn to more classic pieces and that I had a love for more structured pieces. I liked the idea of feminine, Bohemian style, but it didn’t always compliment me the most. This was quite an ‘aha’ time in my life, but so vital and key and curating my wardrobe.

Matilda joins MSJ

I have since delved much deeper into purchasing pre-loved pieces. The thrill of finding an item second-hand that fits my criteria on my list, which I will speak about a bit later in this post, is nothing short of ecstasy. When I’ve been searching for a particular blazer, and I’ve been from store to store to try on the item, and I manage to source one pre-loved, there’s no other feeling like it. This is especially true when the fit is almost perfect and only minor alterations are necessary (another important point I will speak about in future posts.) I have been known to scour Instagram Pre-Loved Stores for certain pieces and I find such joy in the hunt.

Speaking of my list, this is a well-thought out directory of items I think I need to make my wardrobe more complete. Although I say, well-thought out, I do find this list changes, For example, I have had a pair of kitten heel black pumps on my list for almost a year now. Due to the fact that I had major foot surgery on my left foot in November last year, I have not been able to find a pair that fit me comfortably. I have looked for both new and pre-loved pairs. I am not taking them off my list completely, as I do find they will utterly fit into my classic style closet, but another consideration now, is the fact we are moving to a farming community. I don’t know how important they will be for my wardrobe then, so I have moved them to a lower priority on my list. If I happen to find a pair that fit perfectly and are within budget, I will purchase them, but I’m not on the hunt for them, so to speak.

I am ever grateful to Matilda, for bringing a deeper dimension to my fashion approach. I realised that before she joined, I would make many impulse buys, and at least 40% of my wardrobe annually, would end up being donated. That was not a sustainable way to live. I have become far more careful and thoughtful about the new-in pieces, and give much thought to the duration I’ll have them in my wardrobe, than before. I still make mistakes. No one is perfect and this is of course, a journey.

Of late, I have been giving less thought to writing about fashion as it pertains to style. Style is such a vast and depictive word. It encompasses so much. Because we are all multi-faceted and unique, we will have varying styles with regard to our parenting styles, our decor style, our style of writing, our attachment style… The list is endless. We are making a move to the country from living in the city for all of our adult life. I sense this change will not only bring much joy as we learn to live a slower pace that we so deeply desire, but will also bring it’s challenges. I do however feel, that we are up for the challenge. So much in our personal lives has become clearer. What are we chasing after, what do we highly value, what do we prioritise? All of these questions have helped us to make the decision to move to a quieter destination, to live a more sustainable life, to slow down and take more of our surroundings in.

A view from our walk at the accommodation we stayed at, whilst searching for a property in the Southern Drakensberg, KZN, South Africa.

I will write more in depth regarding the move, but I say all of this to explain, MSJ will be taking a different approach. I will be moving more to a lifestyle blog, than a fashion blog. My writing will include more about my personal life and daily happenings than be a ‘how to’ style blog. However, the ‘how to’ might change in the future as we start a home renovation and begin the task of creating a huge garden and start a vegetable garden. We have so many plans for our new life. We understand that, as novices, we might make many mistakes. We are open to learning, and because fashion will not be on the forefront of my life, I have decided to simplify my life even further, and write from a more personal space, than to prepare content that might not be relevant for me in my current situation.

Let’s see where we go from here. I hope you’ll take the chance on me and continue to follow this blog.

Looking forward to change. Come along for the ride.

Belinda xo

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