Remembering our Day Trip to Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland.

This was my first ever trip to Europe. We had spent five days in Switzerland in June, but then traveled to Italy and France for ten days. We then came back to Switzerland, where we stayed with my husband’s family. His cousin took us on this lovely day trip, up Mt. Pilatus. My daughter and her boyfriend, joined us on this leg of our European trip.

Making Memories

For us as a family, 2017 brought great change. Our daughter was about to go on her first big adventure. She was going to be a counselor at a youth camp in the USA. I knew that this experience would change her life forever. She had a very sheltered upbringing and didn’t know much of the world outside our town. We, that is my husband and I, decided to do something together as a family before she went away. Our family would never be exactly the same after her travels and I wanted a memory of us before we let her go. She was going to have a great, big adventure and we wouldn’t be a part of it.

Shared Experiences, Shared Joys.

We spent five days on this amazing houseboat, where we cruised to different islands on Lake Kariba. It was quite a luxurious experience and we thought that if we gave them this amazing experience, it would bring much joy and connectedness to our lives. Well, anyone who’s ever had to ‘blend’ families together, knows that a holiday in such close quarters, on a lake where no one can get off, for fear of being killed, literally, by crocodiles and hippopotami, understands