Styling my daughter

She wasn’t quite sure what she had to pack, because the lockdown wasn’t announced when she left. Maybe she would need clothes for going out or visiting with old friends. She now says she wished she had packed more sweatpants and sweaters. Luckily for this blog post, she didn’t. She brought 3 bottoms, about 10 tops, sweaters and a few dresses. We decided to style the bottoms three different ways.

Wearing Clothes that Matter.

27th March 2020 When you see a title that says you should wear clothes that matter, what does that mean for you? Let me share in a few short sentences, what that means to me. Wear pre-loved clothing: This matters to me because I feel that even though I’m being ‘fashionable’, I’m helping to keepContinue reading “Wearing Clothes that Matter.”

Which Blazer works best?

23rd March 20 A simple white tee, and a pair of white skinny jeans as a base for a cooler, autumn day, are perfect. I know that at this time, we are not moving beyond our front doors, but just imagine you had a quick meeting with a client. The easiest thing to do wouldContinue reading “Which Blazer works best?”

Local, slow fashion brand – Me & B

Consumers, now more than ever, are curious about where their clothes come from and how they were made. We feel let down by the fast fashion industry. Inexpensive, mass produced and marketed fashion trends are contributing massively to the decline of our climate. The slow fashion movement attempts to be the cure.

3 date night outfits – shopping my closet

shopped my closet for the three date night/wedding anniversary outfits. I don’t have loads of clothes and re-wear regularly. I do have a list of clothes and shoes that I need, but didn’t buy anything for these looks. I did find out that I need a pair of nude heels (see look 3). This will go on the list. I went for romantic, classic and more formal looks. To cover all the bases.

Artful De-cluttering

13th March 2020 Have you ever uttered the words, “I have nothing to wear”? I know I used to say this often. I believe I was suffering from ‘closet overwhelm.’ You could be too. What do I mean by this phrase? It’s the feeling I describe when you open up your closet doors, and there’sContinue reading “Artful De-cluttering”

Slow fashion brand – The Joinery

The focus on cheap, but trendy catwalk inspired clothing has given fashion a bad reputation. Not only is the fast fashion industry wasteful and unsustainable, but they also have us all wearing the same clothes and accessories – having the same look.

Flatlays – Helpful for packing?

Let’s say I’m going away for a long weekend. I’m flying down for a birthday dinner of a friend and incorporating that with a visit to family, a friend’s baby shower, lunch with another old friend and a date night with my hubby. I fly down to Cape Town with my hubby, and I choose to wear jeans and my flats with a cream knit. This works well on the plane as I have a warmer top in case it gets chilly, but I’m in flats and jeans, so comfortable. I don’t have to check in my luggage as the rest of my outfits will work for a carry-on.

3 Looks with Tapered-Legged Pants

If you’ve read this blog post this far, you will notice that all my items in my closet, have a story. This is also something I’m beginning to appreciate about slow fashion. Things don’t just randomly enter my closet and just sit there, not being worn. Each item is purchased with sustainability in mind. I have also seen that I’m very drawn to neutrals and a more classic style.