When our Children become our Friends

18th March 2020 When we become mothers for the first time, our priority is to be the caregiver and the nurturer. We are primarily focused on keeping our children from harm, creating safe environments for them to flourish in and being their safe place – literally. Our time is spent on feeding, changing nappies, burpingContinue reading “When our Children become our Friends”

Slow fashion brand – The Joinery

The focus on cheap, but trendy catwalk inspired clothing has given fashion a bad reputation. Not only is the fast fashion industry wasteful and unsustainable, but they also have us all wearing the same clothes and accessories – having the same look.

Two Weeks Post-op

By Belinda It was not really my intention to share about my post-op journey on this page – not yet at least. I wanted to wait until all my healing was complete and I was on my feet with the plaster off. However, being confined to bed, for the most part of these past twoContinue reading “Two Weeks Post-op”

Five Sustainable Gift Ideas

We all love giving and receiving presents, but at what cost? When January rolls around we are broke and our holiday spirit has been crushed by all the waste. We don’t have to buy expensive gifts, that people probably don’t even need. Here are my five gift ideas that will help us to be more mindful of the environment and our budgets when we think of gifts.

Thrifting – Ethical Shopping vs. Cheap Shopping

By Belinda I started thrifting at the beginning of the year, and have already written a post titled, “My Journey to Thrifting.” What I’d like to focus on today, is whether thrifting, really is all those good things we think it is… Ethical, sustainable and conscious? I am by no means an eco-warrior, but youContinue reading “Thrifting – Ethical Shopping vs. Cheap Shopping”