Esse – The Probiotic Skin Care Range

10th April 2020 The word “Esse” means “to be” in Latin. This skin care range has, since it’s inception, been certified organic, vegan and cruelty free. They also support fair trade and are listed as a carbon neutral company – all the things that Matilda and I look for in a product range. In 2009,Continue reading “Esse – The Probiotic Skin Care Range”

How Experiences can lead to Truth

On Tuesday I wrote about creating memories through experiences and that post stayed with me until now. We want to paint our walls during the lockdown, because we now have time. I am washing the walls with sugar soap before we can paint them. The rest of my family try to stay as far away as possible from me, because I am known to ask for coffee if I catch someone’s eye. So I had a lot of time to think. Is it possible to find our truth through experiences, or parts of our truth at least?

Making Memories

For us as a family, 2017 brought great change. Our daughter was about to go on her first big adventure. She was going to be a counselor at a youth camp in the USA. I knew that this experience would change her life forever. She had a very sheltered upbringing and didn’t know much of the world outside our town. We, that is my husband and I, decided to do something together as a family before she went away. Our family would never be exactly the same after her travels and I wanted a memory of us before we let her go. She was going to have a great, big adventure and we wouldn’t be a part of it.

My First-ever Capsule Closet

I created my first capsule closet ever during this past week. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and well, what better time to get creative with one’s closet, than during lockdown. I must admit, it is far larger than any other blogger’s capsule I’ve ever seen, but hey, cut me some slack. This maximalist is trying!

Japanese Boro Textiles

Most of us can remember our mothers or grandmothers mending clothes or at least you would have heard the stories. My mom often tells me how they had to repair their clothes by darning or sewing patches onto worn out garments. I can even remember her mending our clothes when I was little, but as time went by it became something to be ashamed of – you only repaired clothes if you were poor. Fast fashion made is very easy to replace clothes. You can afford to buy a dress of low quality, that looks tattered after a few wears and washes, and then replace it with another dress of low quality. And so the cycle can continue on and on. The big issue isn’t even the quality of fast fashion clothing, but of the cost to the earth and the people making the clothes. I think it is time to remember how to take care of clothes and how to keep them in our closets for longer.

Shared Experiences, Shared Joys.

We spent five days on this amazing houseboat, where we cruised to different islands on Lake Kariba. It was quite a luxurious experience and we thought that if we gave them this amazing experience, it would bring much joy and connectedness to our lives. Well, anyone who’s ever had to ‘blend’ families together, knows that a holiday in such close quarters, on a lake where no one can get off, for fear of being killed, literally, by crocodiles and hippopotami, understands

Styling my daughter

She wasn’t quite sure what she had to pack, because the lockdown wasn’t announced when she left. Maybe she would need clothes for going out or visiting with old friends. She now says she wished she had packed more sweatpants and sweaters. Luckily for this blog post, she didn’t. She brought 3 bottoms, about 10 tops, sweaters and a few dresses. We decided to style the bottoms three different ways.

Wearing Clothes that Matter.

27th March 2020 When you see a title that says you should wear clothes that matter, what does that mean for you? Let me share in a few short sentences, what that means to me. Wear pre-loved clothing: This matters to me because I feel that even though I’m being ‘fashionable’, I’m helping to keepContinue reading “Wearing Clothes that Matter.”