Motivation, where are you?

I’ve lost my motivation. More specifically, I’ve lost my motivation to exercise. Now that I am almost fifty, I feel that I am becoming who I was supposed to have been all along. David Bowie said something along those lines and I am decidedly more me. Belinda says it is more about the unbecoming of who you never really were and I also feel this is true. We become so many things for so many people, but it takes time and work to discover and discard the false selves. That’s just great, but this becoming and unbecoming means that I am now almost fifty, fierce and flabby.

Solitude… Is it necessary?

By Belinda I can’t remember when it became important for me to spend time alone. It was possibly in my 40’s. I separated from my first husband when I was 41, and around that time, I became more and more comfortable with my own company. Before then, I needed to surround myself with people. IContinue reading “Solitude… Is it necessary?”

Meeting the guy

We drove all the way from Witbank to Potchefstroom to meet a guy. Not any guy. Our daughter, Karla, has been dating this guy for a month. We’ve seen the photos on Instagram and we’ve heard how stunning he is from Karla. It was time. Time to meet someone that has the potential of becoming part of our family.

Family Celebrations

When you have a blended family and between you, there are 5 children differing in age from 19 years to 30, celebrating birthdays, can get complicated. Add to that equation, one daughter living in another country, another daughter living in another city and a granddaughter who lives at home with her Mom, and you get all sorts of scenarios regarding family celebrations!

Say Yes!

Procrastination has a very nasty sibling called self-sabotage. You think about something for ages, weighing the pros and cons. You contemplate all the possible outcomes, you Google it extensively and then you think about it some more. At last you have thought it through and through and then – you do nothing.

Foot Pain – You can read it on my face!

I am trying to do a series of photographs for the Gram and the Blog today, but not feeling it. It feels as if pain has taken over my life. I think I might be on to something, but let’s start at the beginning.