Adding Colour to my Closet.

For the better part of the past two years, I have been slowly removing colour from my closet. “Why on earth?” you might ask. I had never really taken the time to identify what colours actually really worked well on me, and what really didn’t suit me. Obviously, I didn’t remove every single item ofContinue reading “Adding Colour to my Closet.”

A Week of Black Outfits in the Summer.

This past week, of all weeks, with soaring summer temperatures, I decided to experiment with wearing something black on my person every day. I am honing what I love and what works best for me and my wardrobe. In this process, I am forcing myself to wear things that might not seem like the correctContinue reading “A Week of Black Outfits in the Summer.”

A Year of Confusion, and Stability.

We are nearing the end of 2020 and what a year it has been. We are also on the cusp of a “New Age”, and new era, and none of us has ever navigated this path before. The ground beneath our feet doesn’t feel solid and steady. Our steps are taken with much trepidation, ifContinue reading “A Year of Confusion, and Stability.”

It’s our time…

As we embark on our trip to Underberg, a sleepy farming community at the foothills of the Sani Pass that takes you to the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, I can’t help but feel certain excitement. You won’t understand what I’m talking about unless I share a bit of our back story. Just over 11 yearsContinue reading “It’s our time…”

Spring Tonal Looks

It’s Spring time! In South Africa, we don’t usually experience much of the transitional seasons, especially in my part of the world. However, this year has been somewhat different. This year, going into 2021, we are expecting El Nina, which is a high rainfall season. Because of the early rains in the summer, we areContinue reading “Spring Tonal Looks”


Ever awoken to the feeling of, “All is well”? I’m talking about a deep and solid knowing that everything is going to work out, regardless of what the current circumstances look like? Currently, we are in the midst of a global pandemic. I have swung the full gambit of the pendulum, from believing there isContinue reading “Contentment”

Creating ‘Hygge’ in my South African Home.

I was chatting via message with Matilda this morning, and sharing my confusion and fears about the state of the world at the moment. She responded by saying she’s minimising how much of the media coverage of our current state of affairs, she’s choosing to take in. I admire that. I wish it was me.