Adding Colour to my Closet.

For the better part of the past two years, I have been slowly removing colour from my closet. “Why on earth?” you might ask. I had never really taken the time to identify what colours actually really worked well on me, and what really didn’t suit me. Obviously, I didn’t remove every single item of colour, but those that I felt didn’t really work with my skin tone, my hair colour and my overall vibe. There has been no science behind this, so I can’t give you a formula.

Light blue and white striped shirt

So how did I do this? Literally, I went about it by taking photographs. I took daily photos of myself in my daily outfits. If I felt that the colour did not 100% suit me, for whatever reason, I removed it. It was as simple as that. I didn’t get rid of the item completely though, but tried wearing it again in a different way with other pieces, to see if the mix of tines could possibly work better. This striped tee, for example, looks better with a white bottom that with a pair of jeans. When worn with jeans, the clash of the blues, just didn’t work as well. I ended up really experimenting then with this particular, lighter blue. Sometimes, I used a bluebell colour, and at other times, a periwinkle blue, as in this photograph.

Chambray shirt used as a lightweight jacket

Although I have had this chambray shirt for approximately three years already, I found I wasn’t drawn to wearing it often. It is rather oversized, about two sizes larger than my normal shirt size, so I knew that was why I wasn’t drawn to wearing it as a shirt. I decided to try the look of using it as an extra layer. Where I currently live, the weather is really hot, but due to the fact that we have had a few rainy, therefore cooler days, I tried it over an all white outfit. I must say, I liked the result. I do also think that where we are moving to, will require some light layering at certain times of the year, so for now, I’ve decided to keep this item. It’s a soft, powder blue, and works great with my greying hair, so I’m pleased I have found a way to wear it that gives me more options.

Blue with black

This floral, linen tee, is also an older item in my closet. Honestly, I have wanted to remove it from my closet many times. I always tended to wear it with a pair of jeans or a white pair of trousers. This day, I decided to bring out the black outlines of the flowers on the tee, by adding this pair of thrifted, black culottes (which I absolutely love). This was a real win for me. The contrasting black, make the black in the tee stand out. I could have gone with black sandals too, but I like the white sneakers in this look. There is a balance here that I hadn’t expected. This tee is so cool and lovely to wear. The neckline is perfect on me, so I am pretty pleased with myself that I have found a way to wear it.

Although each of these shirts is old, the newest being in my closet for two years, I am grateful to have found that blue is a colour that really works for me. I do not count navy in this category. For me, navy is a neutral. It’s definitely a neutral I wear, but for this experiment, I’m happy to report that light blue is a colour I will keep in my closet. It works on many levels for me and I love how it brings out the colour of my eyes. I have recently invested in two new tops in this colour, and I know that they will bring me years of wear in the future.

Belinda xo

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Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

3 thoughts on “Adding Colour to my Closet.

  1. That’s funny because I had a color Analysis this summer. And I sold all the clothes that weren’t my color and all the clothes I didn’t really feel great in. And now I’m so much happier with my wardrobe! It really made a difference.


  2. Yay for colour! I honestly love a neutral wardrobe in theory, but I’ve come to realize I need colour in my life, even if it’s just a nail polish or scarf. I’ve read a million different colour theories and systems, but ultimately, you have to wear what makes you happy!


  3. So, so true. I’ve been feeling void of ‘interest’ and dare I say, ‘joy’ in my closet over the past 2 years, so adding colour has been giving me so much freedom. Who knew? We really do have to wear what we feel good in. When we feel good, it translates into looking good. xo


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