A Week In Stripes

This past week, was quite weird, weather-wise. It’s usually just plain HOT this time of the year, but we have had a few days of rain, which have played havoc with outfit preparation. Sometimes, the rain can bring a cool aspect and at other times, it’s just humid. Needless to say, I often started the day one way, but didn’t end up keeping those clothes on. I did want to try though, to wear stripes everyday. Not only is it a print I find extremely wearable, besides polka dots, and the odd floral/geometric print, it’s one of the only prints I own quite a bit of. What you see here, is by no means all I have, but I tried to create a variety of different looks for the week. In this post, I’ll break it down day by day, and let you know what I thought of each outfit.

Monday 30 November

Monday began with a visit to my plastic surgeon. She does my Botox and lip filler. This is only the second time I am having lip filler, so this was me just back from the doctor’s office. My lips were so swollen, I didn’t dare take the mask off for the photo. Real life ladies.

Back to my outfit… This Breton style tee is one of my absolute favourites. The morning started off cool, so worn here with old, high-waisted jeans from Woolworths, an equally old pair of Soviet sneakers, I felt comfortable and cool for the day. This top is great for layering too and if you like, you can actually cuff the sleeves to give it a more polished, casual look.

Tuesday 1 December

Tuesday was a relatively warm day. I had not yet bothered to put on self tan, so even though shorts or a dress would have been a better option, I added this lightweight pair of linen joggers from Witchery. My stripes for the day were in the form of this coral, thin striped cotton shirt from Woolworths. Both of these items are approximately two years old, so they definitely work for my wardrobe. My slides are a recent purchase from Woolworths. They are not real leather, but are a wide fit, so quite comfortable on my scars. There’s no pulling.

All in all, this outfit was undoubtedly my favourite for the week. I felt pleasantly cool for the entire day. A great tip for summer is lightweight linen. It’s breathable and light on the skin. Perfect for our hot summers.

Wednesday, 2 December

Wednesday was a day on the road, traveling to my father who lives 120kms away, and then on to Witbank, another 60kms from there, only to come home again that same evening. I needed to be comfortable and I wasn’t too concerned about being dressed for cool weather as it was overcast. In my own city, this might have been too warm to wear, but the towns I visited, were both about 3-5 degrees cooler. My lightweight, cotton tee is a batwing style, so very cool in many ways. It’s about 5 years old from “Out of the Blue,” a South African brand from Knysna. It has held up pretty well for the amount of wear I’ve gotten from it over the years. It’s a cropped style, so even though it’s old, it feels quite current. A great tip for those with a sustainable wardrobe. Trends always come around again. The trousers are about 4 years old, also a cropped ankle style, from David Jones, purchased at Woolworths. I added my white Adidas sneakers, so my feet were very comfortable for the entire day.

This outfit ended up being the perfect outfit for what I did that day. Even though these trousers look, and are quite structured, they’re so worn in that they’re very wearable. There was a storm in the afternoon before I made the trip home, and because the sleeve length on this tee is long, I just pulled them down and was warm enough. I also like that the stripes run in two directions. That’s another trend for this summer. See what I said about keeping items long enough?

Thursday 3 December

On Thursday, I was at home for the most of the day in my PJ’s. Yes, I do that too sometimes. But my son and I had an early dinner date, so I used the morning to apply some self tan, and chose this really old dress from Poetry, another classic South African brand, to wear. It’s a mix of cotton and elastane. To complete the look, I added another old item, my denim jacket, also from David Jones, Woolworths, a pair of wedge espadrilles purchased in Greece in 2018 and my neutral Steve Madden bag.

Navy and white are such a timeless classic. They work so well in my own personal closet. Although the dress looks like a white, it’s more an off-white or bone colour. Again, I felt put together enough for an early dinner, and although I didn’t keep the jacket on, I do feel it finished off this outfit nicely. How brown do my arms and legs look though. I’ll have to do a post about tanning products someday, but this is not about that, so all in all, a great outfit especially for an early evening out.

Friday 4 December

Friday marked the first day I wore anything thrifted for the week. I thrifted this striped 100% linen top from “Via Vintage,” a store in “The Grove Mall” in Pretoria. I was so grateful to see they had survived the pandemic, as many small businesses, did not. This top is an old Trenery top, so I knew it was a great find and excellent quality. I added a pair of new khaki joggers. I purchased these to help a friend out who was starting to sell for a specific brand, but was super disappointed with both their service and the quality of these joggers, that I don’t want to mention their name. I added my very trusty and super comfortable Birkenstocks. These are unfortunately made from foam which is Ethylene-vinyl acetate, so can cause your feet to become a bit sweaty in the heat.

Although these pants are comfortable, they are a tad too long for me, but because they cuff at the ankle, they do work. As I mentioned, the Birkenstocks are so comfortable, but in the hotter weather, my feet tend to sweat quite a bit due to the fabrication of this style. The winner of this outfit was the sleeveless tank. Of course the style is in itself, quite cool, but the fabric, being linen, is quite frankly, the best material for summer. I am in love with all my linen items in my closet. So far, they tend to be the most worn in summer – and the most wearable.

So this week, although a little challenge set for myself, I do think that all the stripes I chose, were not only great styles and mostly perfect for this time of year, they are all staying in my wardrobe as they really do work for my personal style and the climate I’m in. Even though the climate will be changing, our country on a whole, is rather warm all summer. None of these items are making an exit – at least for now.

Belinda xo

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