Spring Tonal Looks

It’s Spring time! In South Africa, we don’t usually experience much of the transitional seasons, especially in my part of the world. However, this year has been somewhat different. This year, going into 2021, we are expecting El Nina, which is a high rainfall season. Because of the early rains in the summer, we are experiencing cooler weather, which is wonderful, as we can wear long-sleeved tops and long trousers, without over-heating.


Neutrals are anything but boring, despite what one would think. There is always something very chic and elegant about a full, head-to-toe, neutral look. In this particular look, I’m wearing all old items, which is my jam! I love buying pieces for my closet that will work for years to come. This top, bought last year, is a wrap style body suit. It’s 100% polyester, which is something I no longer buy, if I am purchasing new clothes. It was purchased at https://www.forevernew.co.za It’s a lovely, grey/beige toned snake skin print and works perfectly with these beige, cropped trousers. These are also 100% polyester, but they were thrifted, so my rule doesn’t apply with items that are already in the cycle. Polyester can definitely not be worn in our summers, so also work well in this rare, transitional season. My nude heels are a purchase from Zambia (Kitwe), when I visited my cousin in April 2019. They’re so comfortable, and even with the 7cm heel, don’t hurt my feet at all. These are from https://www.bata.co.za/brands/bata-insolia/

Blush Tones

A soft, pink shade, always works for the Springtime. It speaks of blossoms and petals and new life. The softer tones, are perfect. paired with peachy heels. These shades just blend well together. I find that they also work for light and dark skin tones. This shell camisole, was a purchase from a small, independent little store in Underberg. I forget the name of the store but it is also 40% polyester and 60% viscose. I think it would also work in warmer weather because of the blend. I also purchased this top in August 2019. The cardigan is a purchase from when I visited my daughter in Oman (Muscat), in 2017. It has held up well considering it’s a fast fashion find from Matalan; https://www.omanavenuesmall.om/shops/matalan I love these trousers and when I found them in Woolworths; https://www.woolworths.co.za, I ended up buying them in 3 different colours. They’re about 2-3 years old, and made from 100% viscose. A great find for sure. I still have all 3 items in my current closet. The peachy-pink heels are from https://www.forevernew.co.za but also no longer available as I bought these in late 2018. To be fair, they’ve not been worn much as I find they don’t offer much support to the base of my foot under my toes, as I walk. They’re the kind of shoes, that although they look comfortable, only get worn by me, if I’m going out to dinner (or taking fashion photographs).

Tonal Greys

I do love a cosy knit. This gorgeous one here, is a sweatshirt-style, but a knitted piece from https://desray.co.za/ I have had it for at least 4 years now. I think I have about 4 grey knits so this is my key to a piece lasting a long time. If you find a colour you love, buy a few different styles. That way, you don’t end up having to wash one great knit too many times in a season. It’s a lightweight knit, so great for layering under a hoodie, jacket or blazer in colder months. These cotton trousers and about 2 years old from https://www.woolworths.co.za/dept/Women/ They won’t be available any more, but I do find that every season, Woolworths brings out great styles of pants in different colours and fits and great fabrics too. These moccasins are a very old purchase from https://www.poetrystores.co.za They’re suede and becasue of our dry winters, they have held up so well. They key with suede shoes, is to not wear them in the rain, They will last you forever.

White on white

I’m ending this post by sharing a favourite combination of mine. An all white look, is stylish and chic, but especially so, in the Spring/Summer months. This cotton, Broderie Anglaise top was also an old purchase from Greece. We visited Athens in March 2018. It’s also held up so well and I’ve worn it loads. This look would also work with a button down shirt, especially in the cooler weather. The trousers are a thrifted find. I’m not a fan of wide-legged trousers on myself. However, I have found that there is a way I can wear them without my legs looking even shorter. Tailoring! I had the hem of these taken up so they sit at just the right place on my foot. I need to wear them with heels, but that’s another tip for shorter women to look taller, or at least, more in proportion with a wider pants leg. These heels are from early 2019 purchased in Zara; https://www.zara.com/za/ Unfortunately, they won’t be available anymore, but you can find similar styles in almost any high street store. https://www.poetrystores.co.za also have a lovely, similar, white shoe that could work instead of this style.

I do hope you found these Spring outfits inspiring. They sure were fun to create. I would love to hear which one was your favourite.

Belinda xo

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