Re-wearing Items from my Capsule

28 April 2020

I never thought that having a capsule closet would prove such fun. Not only is it quite a bit of fun, it’s also versatile and most of all, I love knowing exactly what’s in my closet to wear. It makes getting ready in the morning’s such an easy task. I know, I know… We aren’t all getting ready every day. I’m also not doing this every single day, but for the most part, I’m making an effort. Because we’re not running around, meeting people, and going out, my clothes van be re-worn as they’re just not getting dirty. Hence the experiment of re-wearing pieces from the previous day, to prove to myself (not any of you), that this capsule really is as versatile as other ‘experts’ say.

I started out with a pair of viscose trousers from Woolworths. I had three pairs of these trousers in different colours in my closet. I took this neutral one out for my capsule, as it goes with almost everything else I’d selected for this particular capsule. They are comfortable and fit my petite frame well. I do think they’re supposed to be more cropped, but they fit me at a flattering place just above my ankle, so they work well for me. I wore them with a pair of espadrilles and this greyish/green boucle top. I decided to re-wear the top on the second day, this time with a pair of black jeans. These jeans are a little tight for me around my waist and thighs, but they didn’t used to be, so hopefully, once we get moving again, I’ll tighten up this area again. I changed out the neutral espadrilles for a pair of pearl-encrusted black espadrille slip-ons. For Look 3, I kept the black jeans and slip-ons, and just changed up the shirt. This is a peasant style, embroidered shirt. It’s not really the fit I go for any longer, but I do find the colours are perfect for my closet and the style works for my shape.

In Look 4, I leave the top untucked and add a relaxed pair of light wash denims. I swap out the espadrille slip-ons, for a pair of leather slides. As you can see here, although there’s quite a bit of material in this top, it’s soft enough to not be too voluminous, so it can be worn this way without it adding too much bulk to my frame. In Look 5, I kept on the light wash jeans, and added a striped, bat-wing tee. I gave it the slightest tuck in the front but these jeans are quite low-cut, so I don’t want to bring too much attention to this part of my body. I have a rectangular shape. In this look, I also swap out the black leather slides, for a pair of white ones. This is an easy look to wear and I’m glad I didn’t get rid of these jeans. There have been quite a few times I’ve wanted to, but end up keeping them as I don’t have another pair in this wash. They are by far, not my most flattering pair, but it’s all in how you wear them.

Look 6 is one of my favourites. After uploading these photos, I became aware that the shirt didn’t look great in this look, but in real life, it works so well. I should have straightened the shirt up, and it would’ve been more evident how lovely this look worked. These pants are also not a high rise, but the hit me just under my belly button, so not the worst part of my body, being the rectangular shape I am. They should also be more cropped, but I admit, I like this length on me. I tucked the shirt in all the way, I love how it turned out. Adding a pair of sneakers to this look, amps up the casual vibe and it’s my favourite look of all the ones I created.

In Look 7, I kept the white trousers on, changed up the shoes for the neutral espadrilles again and added a very lightweight, beige knit. This is also a look I love. I do think these white pants work well in my closet. It’s an easy look, and looks casual but elevated by wearing this knit. In the next look, I kept the knit on, and added this skirt. I have a feeling this skirt is the oldest piece I have. It was purchased in 2006 from Woolworths. It’s 100% linen and has washed so well. It has these diagonally cut panels, that I think are very flattering. The bottom of the skirt flows outward ever so slightly at the bottom. In this look, because of the diagonal cut of the skirt, I tucked the knit into only one side at the top. This makes the look feel balanced and proportionate to me. Adding the pair of tan, leather slides, gives this outfit a little bit of interest and adds a little ‘colour’.

In Look 9, I kept the blue floral skirt but this time, added a navy tee with a navy blazer. I like the long line of the blazer, as this skirt is also a longer length. Although I feel this look does work with these flat, white leather slides, I do think a heeled pump in a darker shade, perhaps also navy, would be the most complimentary. It would also have helped to give me some height. Look 10 sees me keeping this navy tee on, adding my favourite pair of light wash jeans and a pair of navy, criss-cross slides. This is pretty much my standard outfit. I always gravitiate towards jeans and a tee, or a shirt.

So what are your thoughts? Have I chosen the items for this capsule well? I feel they all sort of work with each other. There’s definitely a ‘blue’ theme in this capsule, but that’s why I feel it works so well. The pieces work together. For me, this capsule has helped me want to get dressed most days. If not for this capsule, I honestly feels I woudn’t have bothered too much about that.

Belinda xo

Published by My Style Journey

Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

2 thoughts on “Re-wearing Items from my Capsule

  1. My personal vote is Look 5 followed by Look 10. The striped top is very fresh and youthful, while the longer length of the jeans is more flattering than something cropped, as it elongates your legs.

    You also look well in black. Fun post! xx Alisa

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  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion here Alisa. I hardly wore this striped tee before including it in my capsule. I honestly thought it was an item I was going to get rid of. So surprised by how much I like it. Yes, I agree, the longer length pants definitely help to make my legs look longer. I’m a shorty, so great advice. Thanks xox


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