Exploring my Capsule Wardrobe

21 April 2020

5 Options with One Dress

In my first capsule wardrobe that I’ve ever created, I only chose one dress. I think it has more to do with the fact that we’re in Lockdown and unable to go out, than anything else, because the fact is, I love dresses, especially this time of the year. I chose an extremely comfortable and easy-to-wear dress made from a stretchy, tee-shirt material that is simply put, almost lounge wear!

Simple grey/off-white striped tee shirt dress.

The dress, seen in Look 1, is a knee-length, round-hemmed dress, with grey and off-white stripes and pockets. Pockets are always a win. We see everyone who loves a comfortable kind of style, loves pockets. I’m not really sure why because we definitely don’t walk around with our hands in our pockets, but they’re fun for taking photos. In Look 1, I just added a pair of easy-to-wear, white leather slides for a completely casual look. So let’s take a look at some of the other looks I was able to create with this one piece from my capsule wardrobe.

Adding a longer length blazer with slip-on mules.

In this 2nd Look, I tried to dress the dress up, excuse the pun… It was totally intentional. This is not really the kind of dress I would ever try to dress up. I’m not that crazy. I one hundred percent agree this is a loungy kind of dress. But for the sake of this capsule wardrobe, I did give it my best shot. And to be very clear, this blazer only made it into this capsule, because of a challenge we did with some ladies over on Instagram. It would not have otherwise formed part of this very casual collection of pieces. I think the pearl-encrusted espadrille slip-ons, give it a nice touch though. They add to the overall look I was trying to create, giving this outfit just a little something extra.

Adding a simple Chambray shirt

A Chambray shirt works well, no matter what season it is, especially if you live in a country with a mild winter. This shirt underneath a knit, or even layered over a rollneck, will look great. You can button it up, leave it open, tie it as I did here or even add a belt over it, to bring some definition to the waist. However you wanted to style this shirt, you will find yet another way. So back to this look. Look 3 was created for exactly that reason – to bring some waist definition. On it’s own, this dress is rather shapeless, so tying the shirt at the waist, brings some kind of balance and proportion to this look. In hindsight, looking back at this photo, I think adding a belt over the shirt, or even just over the dress with the shirt open, would have given it a neater, more polished look. But this look works perfectly for a day lounging around at home, with no other place to be. The casual, neutral espadrilles don’t really add anything to the look, but they do complete a casual outfit, so they work regardless.

Adding a layer with a denim jacket

Who doesn’t love a denim jacket? This has to be one of the most versatile pieces in a casual-girl’s wardrobe. It works perfectly with this dress, in my humble opinion. The proportions are also great for my frame. I have a rectangular shape, with very little definition at my waist, so hitting me at the hips, is not a bad look. I don’t have wide hips at all, so this adds no volume there. The colour of the jacket goes perfectly with the underlying colour of this particular capsule. Adding the sneaks, keeps this look sporty and of course, you know it by now, very casual. I think of all the looks I created, Look 4 would have to be my favourite.

Tonal Casual with a grey cardigan.

This cardigan is my favourite one at the moment. It’s snuggly, cosy and warm – all the comfy vibes. I added a pair of closed slip-ons to once again, you’ve got it, keep this look casual. Again, I don’t think this cardigan adds too much bulk, even though it is a bit chunky. It hits me at the right spot. Pulling up the sleeves, adds once again to the comfy look I’m going for. All in all, this tonal look works for me. I just need a little self-tan so my legs don’t completely blend in with the closet and floor!

There you have it. Five ways to wear a comfy dress during lockdown. I hope these looks inspire you to try new outfit ideas with your own wardrobe. This is not the time to be adding more ‘stuff’ to our lives, but to be truly taking stock and appreciating all we already have and love. Now, go and get started in your own wardrobes – and have fun!

Belinda xo

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