My First-ever Capsule Closet

6 April 2020

I created my first capsule closet ever during this past week. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and well, what better time to get creative with one’s closet, than during lockdown. I must admit, it is far larger than any other blogger’s capsule I’ve ever seen, but hey, cut me some slack. This maximalist is trying! Here is my list of clothing I decided on for this first-ever capsule closet of mine:


  • X5 pairs of jeans in varying shades and styles
  • X1 pair black cropped raw hemmed jeans
  • X1 pair of white cropped straight legged trousers
  • X1 beige tapered leg trousers
  • x1 pair pale blue linen joggers
  • x1 pair grey tracksuit/joggers
  • X1 blue/white patterned linen midi skirt
  • x1 black maxi skirt


  • X1 striped tee shirt midi dress


  • X 3 tee shirts (navy, white, peachy nude)
  • x1 Cream knitted top
  • X1 patterned grey floral blouse
  • X1 Chambray shirt
  • X1 Beige/white striped shirt
  • X1 green/grey boucle 3/4 sleeve top
  • X1 paisley print pink/olive shirt
  • X1 short sleeved light blue Broderie Anglaise top
  • X1 pale blue/white striped long-sleeved tee
  • X1 black/cream peasant style top with flowy sleeves


  • X1 Beige lightweight knit
  • X1 Grey buttonless cardigan
  • X1 Navy Blazer
  • X1 Denim Jacket

I do believe I have given myself some good choices, and with this being my first ever capsule, I didn’t want to be tempted to go into my closet and sneak something out there. I have too many pairs of shoes to number, and although, at the beginning of the year, I did have a few pairs on my list, I am going to give it my best shot not to buy any more shoes at all this year. You will remember, I did buy three pairs for my daughter’s wedding, two last year, and after my major foot surgery in November, neither fit me in time for the wedding, so I did end up purchasing one pair of shoes specifically for that event, this year. But to date, it’s the only pair I’ve acquired. That’s quite a mean feat, as shoes are my downfall. I used to be able to buy 1-2 pairs per month! Speaking of shoes, here’s the list of footwear for this particular capsule.


  • X 1 pair white sneakers/trainers
  • X1 pair beige espadrilles
  • X1 pair slip-on black espadrilles with pearl detail
  • X1 pair slip-on grey shoes
  • X1 pair tan leather slides
  • X1 pair white leather slides
  • X1 pair navy leather criss-cross slides
  • X1 pair black slip-on sandals

In most parts of the Southern Hemisphere, we have entered the Autumn season. For the first time, honestly, in 11 years, we are experiencing cooler weather in the city I live in. It’s usually quite warm until mid-May. I am not complaining. Spring and Autumn are great times of the year. It’s not often I get to wear lightweight knits on their own, or closed shoes without my feet sweating. I am loving the rain too. It does wonders for cooling down the earth. One can’t help wonder if the minimised pollution, has had an effect on our weather and we’re experiencing Autumn as it should be. Whatever the reason, this is a fun time to dress.

I purchased this cream knitted top almost a year ago at the Vintage Square Thrift Fair. This is a second-hand clothing market that is held monthly here in Pretoria, the city I reside in. Matilda and I, have a pre-loved clothing store called Belle Whimsy, (@belle_whimsyclothing on Instagram). We rent a stall each month and sell our clothing at this market. The distressing of the jeans in the final pic, was done by me. I watched a YouTube hack and very bravely tried this hack on dark jeans. I love the fit of these jeans but am not completely happy with how they turned out. I don’t often reach for these jeans because of the distressing I did (I feel it wasn’t a great job), so I made sure to add them to this capsule. That way, if I don’t end up reaching for them in the next two months, which is for how long this capsule closet has been created, I can donate them to our store.

So far, I can see that I have chosen colours, tones and patterns that work well with each other. I am pleased with these few outfits I was able to throw together without giving them much thought. I think that’s the beauty of a well thought out capsule. All the pieces should go well together and the entire point of the capsule, is to simplify getting dressed in the morning. I do look forward to many more outfits I’m going to get to create during the next few weeks, and especially during this stay-at-home time, I won’t need to put any effort into thinking about what to wear. The added bonus is that I can’t be too slouchy as I haven’t added a ton of cosy wear, so I am going to have to dress properly each day (unless I choose to have a PJ day). I’m sharing a final pic with you of myself and my granddaughter. My husband took my pics this morning, and she was desperate to be included so we took a few off her and me. This is one of them.

Stay safe everyone.

Belinda xo

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2 thoughts on “My First-ever Capsule Closet

  1. Thanks Margie. She was having a pyjama day which is pretty much every other day. Her mother asks her if she can dress her. She refuses and my daughter isn’t arguing. There’s nothing worse than being cooped up with a disgruntled toddler. xox


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