Styling my daughter

When we heard that our country might be going into lockdown, we decided together with my daughter, that she should come home. She lives about 3 hours drive from us in the university town of Potchefstroom, and would have been all alone in her flat for 3 weeks. Her boyfriend already left for his parents’ home in Namibia earlier when we heard that the borders are closing. So, she had to pack for 3 weeks and she very kindly agreed to help me with a styling blog post.

Karla, getting ready for our photoshoot

She wasn’t quite sure what she had to pack, because the lockdown wasn’t announced when she left. Maybe she would need clothes for going out or visiting with old friends. She now says she wished she had packed more sweatpants and sweaters. Luckily for this blog post, she didn’t. She brought 3 bottoms, about 10 tops, sweaters and a few dresses. We decided to style the bottoms three different ways.

Just like her mom, Karla isn’t a big jeans fan, but she did pack one pair. She only has two pairs. She likes the outfit with the floral top best and I like all these looks, but the jeans with the peachy top is my favourite. Jeans are always such a versatile staple and must pack items when traveling.

Next, we styled her beautiful burgundy shorts. This time of the year we are always very uncertain about the weather. It will probably stay warm enough for shorts, although we had two cooler days because of rain. We both chose the outfit with the green knitted sweater as our favourite look.

Lastly we styled her gorgeous mauve wrap skirt. This maxi skirt is very flattering and suits Karla’s personality well. Both of us loved the striped top with this skirt.

With 3 bottoms and 8 tops, we created 9 different looks. It is just a shame that she won’t wear them and spend the next few weeks in sweats. Stay safe, stay home.

Matilda xo

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