Which Blazer works best?

23rd March 20

A simple white tee, and a pair of white skinny jeans as a base for a cooler, autumn day, are perfect. I know that at this time, we are not moving beyond our front doors, but just imagine you had a quick meeting with a client. The easiest thing to do would be to add a blazer. Obviously, finishing off the outfit with the right accessories and correct pair of shoes, makes all the difference.

So let’s take a closer look at these two outfits.

Navy pinstripe blazer with a pair of white, pointy-toed heels.

This gives the simple outfit an instant lift. The jeans are slightly cropped so the heels give the otherwise casual look, a more polished edge. The shorter length blazer works with the cropped jeans and I’ve given the tee a full tuck so it doesn’t peak out the bottom of the blazer. This helps to keep the outfit polished and business-like. Add to that a pair of silver hoops and a couple of rings, and you’re good to go. I didn’t bother with bracelets as you won’t see them and I left off the necklace because I buttoned up the blazer for a more serious look.

Lime, grey and off-white collarless blazer, with a pair of white sneakers.

In this second look, I did a French tuck with the tee, so although it is a little messier than the first, it lends itself more to the overall casual vibe of this outfit. I added a pair of sneakers. They can always work as long as they are not scuffed or dirty. I’m wearing the same hoops and rings, but added a necklace as this blazer doesn’t have a collar, so feels a bit less fussy.

Depending on the meeting you’re having, and which client you’re going to see, both these looks will work. They both look more elevated because of the addition of the blazer. It’s quite remarkable what a difference a blazer makes to an outfit – and it’s so quick and easy to change things up by adding one. Honestly, you could have endless options here depending on the style you were going for. A simple, classic white tee and jeans, works perfectly as a base for any blazer look.

Which is your favourite?

Belinda xo

Published by My Style Journey

Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

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