Local, slow fashion brand – Me & B

Consumers, now more than ever, are curious about where their clothes come from and how they are made. We feel let down by the fast fashion industry. Inexpensive, mass produced and marketed fashion trends are contributing massively to the decline of our climate. The slow fashion movement attempts to be the cure. A sustainable fashion item is made in an environmentally friendly, ethical manner. From the initial low/no waste design, using sustainable sourced raw materials, ethical manufacturing processes, to green distribution. More and more fashion brands are aligning themselves with this sustainable supply chain.

Me & B is such a brand. This is a South African brand founded by a mother and daughter team. As a brand they support sustainable practices and fair trade. They aim to create timeless pieces that will appeal to all shapes and sizes. Their website states: fashion has no size (everything available from size 32 to 44). The feel of the brand is urban African.

Me & B’s designs are available online: https://meandb.shop/

I like the simple lines and statement patterns. I like the contemporary feel and the idea that I won’t be sharing the same style with thousands of other women. I like the feminine quality of the designs. But most of all I like that Me & B is a local, slow fashion brand.

Matilda xo

Published by My Style Journey

Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

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