3 date night outfits – shopping my closet

I’m planning ahead. Thinking about what I could wear when (if) my husband takes me out for our wedding anniversary. We usually just hug, kiss and tell each other how grateful we are that the other person was able to stick it out. This year we both changed the way we think about celebrating each other. Well, I hope he feels the same.

I shopped my closet for the three date night/wedding anniversary outfits. I don’t have loads of clothes and re-wear regularly. I do have a list of clothes and shoes that I need, but didn’t buy anything for these looks. I did find out that I need a pair of nude heels (see look 3). This will go on the list. I went for romantic, classic and more formal looks. To cover all the bases.

The first outfit is all about romance. Flowy dress and floral print. The wrap top is a favourite of mine and is just enough for a cooler day or evening. The hoop earrings add a whimsical feel to this look. I just love my necklace and the layers emphasise the romantic idea. This outfit is appropriate for almost any setting. From a coffee shop to a decent restaurant. My husband likes to be informal, so this is a good option to keep in mind.

This is a more classic, monochromatic look. I like the white trim around the neckline and sleeves. I feel it makes the outfit less serious. Because of the trim, I didn’t add a necklace. I do love the rectangular shapes in the bracelet and also my square earrings. They go beautifully with this classic look. My husband gave me the earrings a few Christmases ago. Maybe that is a good sign.

Lastly – the formal look. My mom made me this dress more than twenty years ago for a friend’s wedding. I very rarely wear this dress, but it could be time to take it out of the closet. I just had to pair this outfit with pearls and gold. My only regret is that I don’t have shoes that go with this outfit. This will go on my shop list. I do love this dress and will really like to wear it. I’m hoping for a fancy night out.

Now we just have to wait and see which outfit I will be wearing for our anniversary date. And I’ve decided to ask him out – maybe he wants to be asked for a change. This means I have to think of something to do. Something special and thoughtful. Any ideas?

Matilda xo

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