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9th March 2020

How much attention do you give your travel outfit, especially if you are going to be flying somewhere, and the flights are exceptionally long? This is something I give great thought to, considering my flight to New Zealand in 10 days time, will be over 27 hours in total with a layover after the first 9 hours.

For the first leg of the journey, we will be traveling in the afternoon and arriving at our layover destination at midnight. I don’t really plan to sleep on this phase of the journey, but if I do, it will possibly just be for an hour or two. I do want to be comfortable, and that’s why I chose leggings for this stage. They feel like skin, especially as these are made up of 85% cotton, so they will be breathable and comfortable too. I’ve added a denim jacket as it sometimes gets chilly on the plane, and in economy, which is all I could afford, the blankets are tiny and thin. But there’s also method in having the jacket on me. It is a little thick and heavy, so won’t take up space in my luggage.

My tee shirt is also cotton, so completely breathable. I’ve added a pair of sneakers. This is two-fold. These Adidas sneakers, are made from a synthetic fiber that have already molded to the shape of my feet, and with my left foot still swelling quite a bit, I want to allow for it to not be too squished in my shoe. This way, I also end up having a pair of white sneakers, that are both practical and comfortable, for my trip.

For the second leg of the journey, which is the longest at almost 19 hours, I really wanted to be comfortable. I plan to sleep most of the way, and as I will be gaining 11 hours flying across time zones, I didn’t want to be too exhausted when I arrived, as we get to Auckland at 5:30am and have the entire day ahead of us. This outfit will be packed into my hand luggage and as we won’t have much time between flights in Dubai, I want to have a quick change and deodorant shower in the public bathrooms at the airport. Our layover is only 2 hours, which is hardly enough time to get to our next gate.

For this leg, I chose a pair of super-soft joggers. They will be cosy and comfortable to sleep in. I’m also changing into a 100% cotton tee, so as to minimize body odour. Who wants to sit next to a smelly person on their flight? I’m also going to add this snugly cardigan. It has no buttons, so it will be very easy to just wrap around myself. I could also remove it, and either use as a blanket, or a pillow whilst I sleep. I will add a change of socks and change into them after having a wet wipe wash in the bathrooms. I’ve also decided on these very oversized, grey slip-ons. They are made from a tee shirt material and are also mainly cotton uppers. They will accommodate my swollen feet well. My left foot, by this stage, will possibly be begging to be let out of the sneakers, and whenever I’ve flown for more than 8 hours before, my feet have swollen regardless. Add to that, the recovery swelling after my foot surgery 4 months ago, I need to be well-prepared for the worst. Underneath all of this, I will be adding a pair of pressure socks, just to aid with the worst of the swelling. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

So that is it for my travel outfits. I am sure these outfits will be both pleasant to wear and appropriate for the journey. I will definitely write another blog post on return, if these outfits didn’t work out. But here’s hoping they are going to be good choices.

Belinda xo

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