Our Midlife Adventures

4th March 2020

My husband and I are not the most adventurous couple we know, but we do enjoy having experiences together. Our eldest daughter, paid for us to go on a balloon ride for one of our anniversaries. It ended up being a busy year, but fortunately for us, the tickets were valid for a year. It was a cool Sunday morning that we eventually got to experience this ride. The peace and tranquility of being so high above the earth, was incredible indeed. This little adventure, was a highlight that year. It ended up being the year I lost my mother, so I was so grateful to have this beautiful highlight to look back on.

And so, we continue to add beautiful excursions to our lives. Last year, around this time, we visited a lodge and spa close to Pretoria called Tranquility. This was a very different experience for us. It was quite the rustic jaunt. Neither my husband nor I, enjoy the bush life of Africa very much, but here we were, on a weekend away to a little gem of a place very close to home. I didn’t take photographs of the Spa and we actually didn’t even end up going for any treatments, but we did enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of city life. On this particular weekend, we spent time sitting by the pool, watching cricket in the bar and restaurant area, and reading. It was the perfect break!

As I was preparing to write this post, I remembered this U2 concert we went to. The following year, we also managed to see Bon Jovi. Both were so memorable as this was the 80’s music we loved way back when. We really have had some fun ventures together and I’m sure we will continue to have many more in the years to come. Photos are a great way to document life, and they conjure up such nostalgia when you take a walk down memory lane. This year, we will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years! And in this period, we have shared many ‘heart experiences’ that continue to bring us closer and closer together.

We will never be that couple that does a marathon together, or climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro, or plans to walk the Camino but we will always find pleasure in simple, everyday exploits. Sometimes, the adventure is as simple as a cup of coffee at a new place we’ve discovered.

I look forward to many more ‘adventures’ with this love of mine. I realise that these little experiences, however minor, are the building blocks to our relationship. Each beautiful new trip, each seemingly insignificant meal outing, each holiday or breakaway, is a little stone that we can place on the path of our happiness journey. We made a decision this year, after two very difficult years, to find joy in the little pleasures.

So today, I’m sharing our adventurous escapades with you, to encourage you to find those joyful moments in everyday life. If you’re able to, document each occasion with a photograph or two. It’s so easy to do with our smart phones these days. I am so grateful for this photo diary of sorts, that we have chosen to keep, which contains our momentous and ostensibly insignificant moments together. Each photograph evokes a million little sparks of emotion, and those sparks help to keep our relationship on track.

Belinda xo

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2 thoughts on “Our Midlife Adventures

  1. My husband and I took a balloon ride about 10 years ago and loved it.
    Nice to see the photos of you and your husband on your adventures. 🙂


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