3 ways to wear a summer dress in autumn

When you decide to go on a slow fashion journey, one of the problems you may encounter is less clothes. Some slow fashion fashionistas started off with an extensive wardrobe, so when buying less, it doesn’t have that big an impact on variety in their styling lives. This is not my situation.

I didn’t lack clothing, but I had a lot of gifted clothes that wasn’t really my style. My journey with fashion led me to find my personal, authentic style and I decided to be true to myself. Now I have items in my closet that I wear regularly and that I feel comfortable in. The challenge is to wear the items I have in as many ways as possible.

That brings me to the main reason for this post. Can you wear a white summer dress into autumn and maybe even in our mild South African winters? Well, I’ve decided to give it a try.

White Maxi Summer Dress in Summer

I love wearing my white maxi dress in summer. It suits my personality and with or without a belt, I always feel comfortable. The fabric is very light and a bit shiny. I don’t know what it is, but it is definitely not made from natural fibers. I can justify buying it, because it is a thrifted treasure and I possibly rescued it from a landfill.

Cardigan worn back to front

Firstly I tried something different. Last week I styled a wrap top back to front and it worked really well. I wanted to do the same with a buttoned cardigan and I also layered it underneath my dress and not over, as one would usually do. I just added a simple necklace which gave a boho feel to the outfit. I would usually belt this dress, but with the necklace it looked nicer without a belt.

Cardigan, white button down shirt and leather belt

For the next look I kept the cardigan under the dress and added a white button down for an extra layer. I’m wearing the cardigan the right way around and added a vintage, grey leather belt for definition. I am not so sure about the white button down. Maybe another long cardigan on top would look better – next time.

For my last, and least favourite look, I layered the white button down shirt underneath the dress and the cardigan over the dress. I think the cardigan is too low cut in the front to pull this look off. If I added a scarf or necklace, it would have broken all that white space. Almost there, but not quite. I like the idea of this look enough to try it again with another cardigan soon.

White button down and cardigan

I will also try a few winter looks with this dress later in the season. I can add a jacket, scarf and cute boots. I would also wear leggings under my dress for warmth.

I have to be way more creative with my clothes now that I have so much less. I hope we can all learn from my experiments and keep going on our slow fashion journey.

Matilda xo

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Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

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