Flatlays – Helpful for packing?

28 February 2020

There are so many ways to incorporate more organisation into one’s life where fashion and clothing are concerned. A few things I do, to make planning my outfits easier and more helpful, are the following:

  • Take a photograph of myself wearing a particular outfit and save it to a directory on my phone
  • Hang items together to create an outfit, on my rail outside my closet
  • Create a visual collection of outfits in a ‘flatlay’ format

Today, I’m going to talk about this third tip. Although it can seem time consuming, I find it extremely helpful, especially when packing for a holiday, or even a weekend away. When you only have a limited amount of space, and need to practice wisdom and restraint, it’s good to know that you can make a few different outfits from the same items.

Let’s say I’m going away for a long weekend. I’m flying down for a birthday dinner of a friend and incorporating that with a visit to family, a friend’s baby shower, lunch with another old friend and a date night with my hubby. I fly down to Cape Town with my hubby, and I choose to wear jeans and my flats with a cream knit. This works well on the plane as I have a warmer top in case it gets chilly, but I’m in flats and jeans, so comfortable. I don’t have to check in my luggage as the rest of my outfits will work for a carry-on.

When I take the pics of my jeans with each of the shirts I’d like to take with, I can immediately see each outfit works well. I can tell that I’ll easily have an outfit for the lunch with a friend, and I could wear the jeans again with another shirt/top for an outing with family or just visiting them at their home.

After taking some pics of the black skirt with each of the tops, it’s very clear to me that I have enough outfit choices with this skirt to attend the baby shower, go out with hubby on a date and not feel frumpy and even have a spare outfit if we chose to go for a walk on the beach before dinner. I could wear the cream top with the heels to dinner but wear the flats for the walk on the beach. A quick change of shoes, ensures I’ll be dressed up enough for a lovely restaurant.

When I can see all these outfit choices and how different each one looks, it gives me great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment that I don’t have to over-pack for my weekend away. A few items, carefully selected, create an instant capsule wardrobe, that will serve me well for the entire weekend.

Slow Fashion is all about ease and awareness. This little exercise, has shown me just how simple a capsule can be to create. Do give it a try. It might feel like a bit of work as you select pieces to pair together, but once you’re done, it will shave precious minutes off decision-making each morning. In fact, it frees you up completely to just enjoy ‘being,’ instead of worrying about all the ‘doing.’ The little bit of effort required for ‘doing’ when creating the capsule, is so worth the time saved in indecision and frustration during the weekend.

I hope this have given you some food for thought when planning your next weekend away.

Belinda xo

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