Quick Styling to transform Loungewear

I’m just sitting at home working on the laptop, scrolling through Instagram or catching up on my favourite YouTubers and suddenly I get a text or a call. I have to be somewhere for some reason and it has to be as soon as possible. I look down at my outfit and realise that I cannot appear in public under any circumstances, barring natural disasters and death. I have to do some quick thinking and get ready in record time. Has this ever happened to you?

Belinda and I work from home and although we get dressed (usually), we are not always public ready. I have thought of faking an illness or some other distressing circumstance to avoid being seen in public when I didn’t have the foresight to be dressed for any possible thing life might throw at me. To save me from untimely social death by embarrassment, I’ve decided to be pro-active and think about a few possible scenarios that could happen in real life. I hope that you will find my ideas helpful.

Scenario 1: I’m catching up on my favourite Youtubers and unexpectedly receive a text from Belinda saying that she has big news that she absolutely has to share with me ASAP. Can we meet for coffee?

It dawned on me that I’m not wearing shoes and at the same time I realise that Belinda’s news will be so important that I must act quickly. I rush off to my closet, grab my white button down shirt and my white sneakers. I style the shirt with a knot and remember to put my hoops in my ears. Just before I run off to meet Belinda, I snatch up my bag.

Scenario 2: I’m writing a post on this blog and suddenly a reminder sounds on my phone. Oh no, I forgot about a meeting that Belinda and I scheduled with a social media specialist. I’m wearing leggings and a grey knitted sweater and again, no shoes. The sweater is also a little bit too low cut to be appropriate for business, but I am not stressed, I thought about this very situation in advance.

Dashing to my closet, I take out that a blazer that is just perfect for leggings. While buttoning the jacket, I slip on heels and then loop a scarf around my neck to cover my decolletage. As a finishing touch I add golden earrings and my black handbag with gold hardware.

Scenario 3: I’m on the phone with Belinda, busy planning our social media content for the week ahead. She casually asks me if I’ve done the prepping for the dinner party that I had planned for that evening. Alarmed, my brain registered that I haven’t even bought the supplies. Rudely, I hang up on Belinda and bolt to my closet. I’m wearing a long sleeve red T-shirt, a pair of jeans and again, no shoes.

I pull on a cute poncho with tassels, because I did a closet purge and found this gem again. I hop into shoes. I add pearl earrings that will reflect the grey of the poncho. The only things missing from my impromptu outfit are my straw bag and red lipstick.

This is just three of unlimited real life situations that can come our way. Hopefully my ideas can inspire some individuals to keep their clothing options in mind for the day they may need it. If you are one of those people who are always ready to face the world, I applaud you. For the rest of us, quick thinking and keeping fashion fun, will have to do.

Matilda xo

Published by My Style Journey

Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

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