One Fine Beginning – A South African Leather Brand

14 February 2020

“One Fine Beginning” is a small but beautiful, South African Brand. Their exquisitely crafted leather goods, are 100% South African, from the sourcing of the leather, to the craftsmen involved, to the distribution and sale of the end product.

There is definitely something to be said about handcrafted leather goods, and “One Fine Beginning” has done well to keep their product pure. They are a South African Brand with a big heart and although every part of their business is South African, they now also ship worldwide. They have been doing beautiful work for close to 5 years now.

Assembly line products just do not have the ‘soul’ that handcrafted goods have. This is the indistinguishably, unique and pure product promise of OFB, “One Fine Beginning.” Each garment, leather product, or pair of shoes, is beautifully and adeptly stitched together by hand. There is no mass production, keeping the products and quality control perfect!

“One Fine Beginning” has an array of lovingly crafted shoes. The craftsmanship of each pair, is faultless. Their standards are maintained because there is no mass production.

They have an beautiful website: which is both visually appealing and informative. “One Fine Beginning” also has great service. They offer secure payment options too. How do I know this? I have purchased a pair of flats myself. I was fortunate enough to visit them in store in Middelburg, South Africa. Their quirky little shop, is an absolute gem in the Mall in Middelburg. The staff were not only helpful but very knowledgeable with regards to the products. Before the year is over, I would like to purchase something else from them. Possibly a pair of boots, or a lovely handbag. Because it’s not yet on my list, it will have to wait for the perfect time though, but I can 100% recommend this brand with confidence.

I purchased my only pair of red flats from them in July 2018 and they are still in excellent condition. “One Fine Beginning’ have typical South African sizing and mine fit me perfectly. They do cater for a bit of a broader foot, as I have broad feet and these did not need to be stretched. I have been so content with this pair of shoes and will continue to get wear out of them for years to come. I adore the red colour and they are just perfect with my red and white striped dress for Valentine’s Day.

Belinda xo

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