Styling white tops

11 February 2020

My “new” white top intercepted on its way to our pre-loved clothing store:

In November, last year, we did a white top challenge for Instagram. We had to wear a white top every day for a week. My closet was sorely lacking in white tops and I struggled with this challenge. Well, since then the under-supply of my white top items has been rectified.

For a very long time (since my daughter’s birth in 1998) I’ve been avoiding white clothing. I couldn’t keep white clothes clean – my kids lived all over me. I felt doomed to wear clothes that was more representative of the colour of rat fur. I deserve every eye-roll, but in my defense I was trying to look clean. My youngest just had his tenth birthday and now I have more smudge and smear control. A good time to re-introduce white into my wardrobe.

Belinda had two white T-shirts, so she gave me one. I have fallen in love with the basic white tee. I’ve worn it so much that I really do need to replace it. I enjoy the ease of dressing my white T-shirt up or down. It is one of the most versatile items I have.

I have three beautiful blouses. The one I’m wearing in the first photograph is so soft with stunning embroidery. I feel so feminine in that outfit. Belinda bought the lacy knit top from a vintage market, but it was a not the right fit for her. It is a form fitting top, but luckily not too tight for me.

Feminine and soft

Lastly, my white sleeveless top with lace detail. I love wearing this top with my skirts. My personal style is very relaxed at the moment. I work from home and seldom need to look formal or even corporate.

I now remember that I actually love wearing white. I am planning to revise my ‘buy list”. I am adding a basic white T-shirt.

Matilda xo

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Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

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