When did I start wearing black?

7 January 2020

Black top with dark jeans.

On this blog, we speak about our ‘journey’ with style and fashion. I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but from the start of documenting this journey, I have been aware of a shift in my style. I must admit, I do really feel more and more comfortable in the clothes I choose to wear now, than at the beginning. If I don’t like something now, I don’t keep it. It’s that simple.

I found, as I was perusing photographs from the when I started MSJ, that I chose to always break up the black in the beginning. To be fair, I didn’t really wear much black in my past. I became more and more drawn to it, especially as I started documenting my style in photographs. I liked what I saw in the mirror and on the photos and this started to give me more confidence in adding this to my wardrobe. As I’ve progressed though, I am more comfortable wearing it head to toe.

My previous belief was that because I was so fair in complexion, I couldn’t carry this ‘colour’ off except to inject it into an outfit with a simple tee or a belt, but as I started becoming bolder in wearing it on my top and bottom, I started seeing that not only did I look good in this tone, but I ‘felt’ great in it. A friend once said to me that she sees black as my ‘power’ colour. When I wear it, I look like a boss! That confirmed to me, that how I felt when wearing it, was being portrayed in my confidence.

I can now, with clarity and chutzpah, wear black, not only for evening, but as part of my everyday wear. Knowing your style is imperative, but the value of seeing how the clothing looks on me, has done wonders for honing that style. This journey continues…

Belinda xo

Published by My Style Journey

Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

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