Wearing a Collarless Shirt

January 31, 2020

When choosing to wear a collarless shirt, these are some of the ‘rules’ I impose on myself. They are not necessarily the ‘fashion tips of the century’ (or should I say decade), but they are some tips that have helped me not look too fussy with this look.

The one thing I don’t wear is a necklace. “Why?” you might ask. I think the buttons, and often a pocket on the breast, or two, add enough interest and a necklace would just detract from the overall look. It then becomes too ‘fussy,’ as I say. There is enough detail on the front of a collarless button-down shirt. Often, the buttons are quite pretty, like these mother-of-pearl buttons on my white shirt.

So how do I accessorise? This is where, besides not wearing a necklace, you can just have fun with your own style. I chose to amplify the mother-of-pearl in the buttons, by adding earrings that are similar in their appearance. Because of the greyish tone of the buttons and earrings, I went for a cool metal, silver. I added a simple, classic, square-faced watch but then added a chunky bracelet with this look, for a pop of interest that’s not competing with the shirt’s details. You could wear different colours here, and add many bangles to suit your own, personal style. You can get to be playful or more serious, depending on your mood too.

In this second set of photographs, you can see that my style is mostly ‘classic.’ On this day, I wore my hair up and out of the way. Because of this, you can see my ears better, so I’ve gone for a simple, classic but quite large, silver stud. I think it compliments this shirt well. I’ve gone once again, for a cooler metal and am wearing a round-faced yet very sleek watch. I’ve added a bit of playfulness with my Pandora bracelet. These charms add a teeny bit of interest to my wrist. Although the shirt doesn’t have any pockets, I still didn’t want to add a necklace, as I feel, it would compete with the buttons on the shirt.

You will notice that my white shirt, I left untucked, whereas the blue shirt, has a half-tuck, also known as the French-tuck. The reason for this is that the white shirt is made from a more thick and structured cotton. The fabric of the blue shirt, is softer and drapes more. If I had tucked the white shirt, it would have added too much bulk to my waist, which I don’t need as I have a rectangular body shape. I’m always looking for ways to give a little more definition to my waist. It doesn’t help that I’m only 5ft tall! In both looks, I’ve not gone for any bulky rings, but of course this would work. However, I went for a more minimalist style as that is true to how I usually dress.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration on how to wear the button-down shirt.

Belinda xo

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Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

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