3 Outfits with White, Straight-legged Pants

24 January 2020

Our mission this year with MSJ, is to have a more sustainable closet by the end of the year, than what we do now. One way to do that, is to find more ways to wear one item. Matilda shared in her recent post about her process in deciding whether she was going to bring in a pair of black trousers into her wardrobe. She wanted a few different ways to wear them, so that got me thinking.

I have a lovely pair of straight-legged, white trousers which I absolutely love. However, I’ve never really given much thought to how I wear them. This look is probably the most easy way for me. I will grab a tee shirt and a pair of slides and go… For this look today, I decided to add a bunch of funky bracelets as well as a beaded necklace. The necklace is made from reclaimed glass from the sea, and seashells, so a sustainable piece for sure. I didn’t add earrings because I felt the beads on my wrist and around my neck were enough. I love this casual look but as I said, this is usually how I would wear it anyway. So I challenged myself to try a few more looks.

In this look, I added white slides. A pair of sneakers would look equally cool, however, my foot is still quite swollen and I really like this look with these leather slides. The striped shirt is an oldie too. I decided to tie it at the waist and in order to give this outfit a slightly more elevated look, I made the choice to wear pearls. This shirt, I usually wear with jeans and I don’t ever tie it like this, so I enjoyed the fun aspect in this look, whilst still looking put together. I feel this outfit makes the pants look far more chic than what they are.

In this third look, I pulled my hair back into a messy bun. I changed out the shirt for this beautiful, detailed black top and I added my elegant opal ring and earrings with a plain, vintage silver chain. This could have been a far more elegant look if I was able to wear a pair of black slingbacks, but my foot wasn’t co-operating at all. So I added a simple pair of black slides but I still think it works for a date night. Luckily for me, I live in quite a ‘casual’ city. We live in a rather hot climate, so we’re dressed up if we wear long pants at all! Some people go out in shorts, believe it or not!

This little experiment has given me some great ideas for changing up the look of these pants. By adding different shoes and completely different tops, these simple trousers can work from day to night in a heartbeat. It always amazes me too, how a subtle change of jewellery, can alter an outfit. We sometimes underestimate the power of beads, or a watch or a bracelet. I’m now back in the navy tee shirt and am loving this look for the day.

Belinda xo

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