Black Pants – not off the list

Last time I shared my closet wishlist with you. One of the items on the list is a pair of black pants. I removed my only pair from my closet, because the fit wasn’t quite right. So, I had no black pants. Autumn is around the corner and it was my intention to get pants that I could wear all through winter. If you want to see Belinda and I discussing our lists, follow this link:

In the meantime I went to Potchefstroom ( a little university town) to help my daughter move into a new flat. She has very little closet space, but she absolutely loves clothes and never wants to part with any – even if it doesn’t fit. I had no expectations of her purging her closet. She surprised me by not only initiating a purge, but being brutal. She let a lot of stuff go.

what is left of her summer wardrobe

I usually don’t fit in any of her clothes – she is a size smaller than me and also shorter. She got rid of a lot of cool clothing, but I didn’t think that I could get use out of any of it. To my delight she had a pair of black pants that were a bit too big for her. I tried them on and they fit! I love that they are high waisted and loose fitting. The rest of the clothes that she removed, she donated to our second hand clothing store,

her donation

There were things I had to consider, before taking them. They are made locally in South Africa, but they are from a fast fashion brand. Also the fabrics used to make the garment are polyester and spandex – not a natural fiber in sight. And lastly, I won’t be able to wear them in winter.

I can overlook the brand and the fabrics because I didn’t buy them and neither did my daughter. She was gifted a lot of clothes by someone who didn’t fit in them anymore. I am also saving them from a landfill.

I don’t have a pair of black pants in my closet. So, I decided that if I can get five different tops to wear with these black pants, they are still worth keeping.

I easily found five tops that I can pair with the pants. And I think I definitely have more that five – black pants go with almost everything. I have to keep a pair of black pants on my list though – for winter.

Matilda xo

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