My Closet Wishlist

14 January 2020

I’ve done a summer closet purge and I was brutal. I only kept what I really love and wear. My daughter, Karla will be the recipient of a few items and I donated the rest to our thrift store, Belle Whimsy Clothing.

My next step was to make a list of clothes that I needed or wanted. At first I only thought about summer clothes, but then I realised that summer, although we have a long season, will be over in a couple of months and I let my mind wander to the colder months. Just a little bit.

my wishlist

The needs on my list are the black pants, the floral dress, the winter skirt and the knee high boots. I’ve removed black pants and a floral dress from my closet because they are the wrong fit/style. My knee high boots are damaged and I have only one thick winter skirt and it is more than 10 years old. I don’t know if it will last much longer. I think my winter clothes last and last because we have a very short winter season in South Africa and the clothes don’t get worn as often as our summer clothes.

The rest of the items on my list are wants. I really, really want combat boots for winter. My first choice would be to get them pre-loved, but good quality second hand shoes are difficult to find. I will get a lot of wear out of them and they will practically go with everything I own. And did I mention that I really, really want combat boots?

A waistcoat is also something that I would like to have. Now that I am discovering my style, I am certain that I would enjoy styling a waistcoat. I actually have one that used to belong to my husband and is just a tad too big for me. It’s very old and was part of a velvet suit. The pants and jacket have been lost, but the undercoat is still in perfect condition. I should just get it tailored.

velvet waistcoat

I’m sure you saw that I’ve already ticked a box on my list. Belinda and I don’t take a salary from our thrift store yet, but we do spoil ourselves every now and again. Belinda saw two shirts on sale and our business bought each of us a shirt. You should watch the unboxing of our shirts on YouTube, because Belinda got a surprise when we opened the package. It was quite funny. Here is the link to our YouTube channel:

I am very happy with my 100% linen shirt. It feels great and fits beautifully. I can wear it in summer, but will also get much joy from it during autumn and winter as a layering piece. And it’s the perfect colour too. I will be able to wear it with most other colours.

100% linen shirt

Full disclosure. I did buy an item that is not on my list. I needed a swimming costume for my son’s tenth birthday party. We are going to a water park – his choice. I don swimwear three times a year, maybe. We were looking for jeans for my husband when he saw this swimsuit on sale, marked down more than 50%. It was providence. So now I have something to go down water slides in. Don’t hold your breath for photographs.

not looking forward to wearing this…

Shopping from a list can feel restricting, but can also be a resource to help me create a more sustainable lifestyle. I am so looking forward to creating a wardrobe that is a true reflection of my style, my personality, my convictions and my budget. Most of all I want show respect to the environment and the people making my clothes.

Matilda xo

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