Packing for a Weekend.

3 January 2020

Our little hideaway for four days, Douglas Drift, outside Underberg, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

We have taken some time for ourselves, my husband and I, before the start of work for him. This is much needed. Since my foot operation on the 14th November 2019, he has had to make two trips to our small holiday resort in Mozambique. Both trips were for maintenance and repairs which is the norm especially if you live so far from a place you own. It all needed to be in perfect working order prior to our guests arrival in December. To his credit, everything has gone smoothly this holiday season, despite the fact he wasn’t there for the rush. He came home on the 23rd December and honestly, although he’s been home, we haven’t had much time for each other.

Anyway, this post is about packing, not our marriage ups and downs. After packing all my clothing, which I’ll save for another post, I start packing my accessories. I categorise them and pack them each separately. Firstly, my jewellery gets packed in it’s own case. I feel this keeps them separate and easy to reach and store. Also, in this way, nothing gets lost.

A jewellery case I received in one of my ‘The Box’ gifts earlier in 2019.

Starting with my jewellery. I put out what I wanted to wear for the day, and the rest went into my special jewellery case.

Toiletries go in their own bag. I include here, my hair care products, which isn’t much. I just take shampoo and conditioner, and I have a small bottle that used to contain hair product that I now fill with a mixture of water and conditioner. Also a hair brush, which I only use at night on the night before I wash my hair (which is every 3-5th day). This will happen whilst we’re away.

My hair care products with my deodorant and perfume for the time away.
In the same bag, I pack my skin products I want to use for the trip. This is edited as I obviously can’t take everything with I would normally use at home.
The finished bag after adding my toothpaste and toothbrush.

This bag is usually a waterproof fabric. It must be easy to carry, and I leave it in the bathroom for the duration of my trip. If there’s space in the bathroom, I like to unpack my skincare on a shelf, and my hair products, go either in the shower or on the side of the bath. Toothpaste and toothbrush go by the bathroom sink. My perfume and deodorant, are also on the shelf in the bathroom. It’s just easier for me to unpack everything to use while I’m away and I know it all fits in the bag when we’re going home again.

Makeup brushes go in the bottom of the last accessories bag I always take along.

So whenever I go away, I take three bags of accessories with me. The third bag contains all my makeup. I like that all of this is together and I usually put everything back in the bag after using it, wherever I do my makeup, where we’re staying. My idea behind this is that not all bathrooms have the best light. If we’re in a hotel, this bag usually stays in the bathroom because guaranteed, there’ll be a great mirror and reasonable lighting there. But if we’re in a rented cottage, B and B or guesthouse, often I need to use the mirror in the bedroom or sometimes in the sitting area. Wherever I choose to do my makeup, I like to just pick up the bag and carry it to the best spot and then have everything in one place. I then leave it there for the duration of our stay. Hey, if it works, why mess with that, and if I have a specific bag for all my makeup, I’m not moving between rooms to be organised. It’s all about keeping it simple and easy.

All of this edited make-up for the time away, must fit on top of the brushes.
So this is what I’ll grab when it’s time to do my makeup and this will stay next to the mirror with the best lighting.

Finally, the last thing I grab, are two pair of sunglasses. I always take a black pair and a brown pair. A girl’s got to match!!! It’s important for the completed look. I only do this if I’m traveling with my husband because I always have two pairs of sunglasses already in my own car.

One black and one brown pair always go with me on each trip.

The one pair go on my face, and the other pair, will be safely tucked away, in a case, in my handbag. I just change them out as the outfit requires. If I take a case with, the pair of sunglasses that remain in my bag, will always be free of scratches. It’s a win-win.

So there you have it. That’s how I make sure my accessories are stored, taken care of and easy to access for any holiday or breakaway we go on. There’s no point putting everything into one bag. It needs to make sense and it needs to be easy. When you simplify your life,even if you’re away from home, you’re happier. I hope this post helps you to make the editing process of accessories easier and more user-friendly whilst you’re away too.

Oh, and I tuck all of these separate accessory bags into my suitcase, usually to one side of the clothing. That makes the packing of the suitcase easier too. I usually pack the accessories first and then arrange my clothing around them. That helps to keep them snug and in place.

Have fun planning your accessories for your next trip.

Belinda xo

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