My Commitment to Slow Fashion.

by Belinda


17 Pairs of Blue Jeans and my White Jeans

Every end of the year, it is my practice to take stock of the past year and to see where I can improve myself in different areas of my life, for the coming year. In 2019, I started off very well committing to buying only one item each of the following per month: one item of clothing, one accessory, one pair of shoes and an item of makeup. For me, this didn’t include any replacement items eg. if a foundation finished, I gave myself allowance to replace it.

All my shirts sans tee shirts. This can definitely be more edited.

It all fell apart after “No Buy September”. It was as if, because I didn’t buy in September, I had this desire to somehow ‘catch up’. I felt like a miserable failure. For the rest of the year, although I have definitely bought so much less, my rule went out of the window. I actually didn’t buy any more new shoes after September and felt I needed to just reign myself in. The one thing I’m extremely proud of is I didn’t buy even one pair of blue jeans for 2019!

Some of my Shoe Collection!

So, going into 2020 where fashion is concerned, Matilda and I are changing everything up. The entire focus of our business will be “Slow Fashion.” For Matilda, not much will change. She’s adopted this approach years ago. It’s how she lives her life. I however, have made a conscious commitment to incorporating a slower approach to fashion for this coming year. I admit I’m a shopaholic but 2019 and my rules for shopping throughout it, have changed me on the inside. I have almost completely stopped all impulse buying but here are a few ways I’m going to further alter my shopping habits this year…

The rest of my summer shoes. I know this is too much!

1. If I do online shopping, I will add things to my basket and leave them there for a minimum of 30 days before purchasing. I feel this will give me the opportunity to look for an alternative that is either more sustainable although new, or a pre-loved option.

The rest of my trousers, all arranged in colour combo.

2. I will not visit malls unless for a specific purpose, and I won’t meet up at a mall with a friend for a coffee. There are other places to meet that will provide less temptation.

3. I have decided not to impose rules on myself regarding numbers of items for shopping, but where I am going to be strict is to challenge myself as much as possible, to buy pre-loved. If I cannot find the item pre-loved, I am restricting myself to sustainable, ethical and local brands.

My edited tee shirt pile. Very proud of this.

4. I’m going to be transparent. Once a month, I will write a blog post, including each and every fashion item I’ve purchased that month. I think besides keeping me accountable, it will also help me to visibly see what I’m adding to my closet. Doing this sometimes gives one a bit of a shock!

My dresses and skirts.

So with these few guidelines in place, I’m trusting that 2020 will be a year of a more edited closet for me. Hopefully, my closet will look less full than it currently does. I will be going through the closet, as I usually do each season, and remove items I don’t tend to wear. Here’s to a far more conscious fashion year than the one I’ve just done. We can all do better, one choice at a time.

Belinda xo

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