It was the day before Christmas

by Matilda


It’s the day before Christmas day and I am feeling reflective. I want privacy, solitude and quietness. Too much to hope for during this time of year? I certainly thought so, but the universe conspired to give me just what I needed.

Still in my pj’s, writing this post and my faithful shadow, Mickey.

We don’t really celebrate Christmas. We have a tree, a few decorations and presents for the children. Usually we are either at my parents or at the in-laws. This year Christmas lunch would have been at my parents house, but now it isn’t. My daughter cannot be with us for Christmas this year as she is with her boyfriend and his family. So, we had an early Christmas lunch with my parents while she was with us. Parents’ lunch – done.

For the first time in many years we will, surprisingly, be at home for Christmas. It is just me and the boys. We don’t have and agenda, we don’t have activities, we didn’t even plan the meals. We will play it be ear. As I sit here, typing, I realise that this is what I require – peace and quiet.

I will be spending today and tomorrow, focusing my energy on my core family. Not with exuberance, but by being thoughtful and present. I miss my daughter dearly, but I know she is in the right place at this time.

Winston Churchill said: “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing, but of reflection.” Merry Christmas!

Matilda xo

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