Styling Monochrome

by Matilda


I don’t usually wear monochrome outfits. Somehow it got stuck in my subconscious that I can only wear an outfit in a solid colour, if the outfit is a dress. So, when Belinda and I did our monochrome outfit challenge, I had to retrain my brain.

Watch our video on YouTube:

I felt very overwhelmed by this plum-coloured outfit. It was a lot of colour for someone who usually dresses in lighter colours. I did break the solid look of the outfit with a thin black belt and paired it with black sandals to tie it all together.

The cream and white outfits are easy to wear. The outfit on the left is very casual and as I was just staying home that day, I didn’t add anything to it. I wore the all white outfit to the shops and added brown accents to it and also my straw bag.

My favourite monochrome outfit

This is my favourite monochrome outfit. I thought that I wouldn’t like an all navy outfit, but it turns out that I do. I re-purposed my African bead necklace and used it as a belt. The necklace is very colourful and I really like an outfit to have a pop of colour.

I had to work through my brain’s old programming and think more creative to change my almost fossilised neural pathway about dressing in one colour. Although wearing monochrome outfits was way out of my comfort zone, I now feel confident styling it my way.

Matilda xo

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