Conscious “Summer Whites” Wardrobe Additions.

by Belinda

Wearing white in summer, is quite easy for me. Since the beginning of this summer, I have added 3 pieces or what I refer to, as “Summer Whites” to my wardrobe. I was surprised as I prepared for this post, how each of these pieces are far more conscious choices than in years gone by.

This first top, was an item I purchased from one of the stalls at the Thrift Fair where we sell our own pre-loved clothing. Matilda and I, try to support the other stalls, by buying a piece (not necessarily both of us), each month. We feel that if we support them, they in turn may support us, even if it is just through sharing about us on their various platforms, or following us on our Social Media Platforms.

This is typically how I wear this top.

This piece is a lacy number. If I’m totally honest, it’s quite a stiff lace and is quite tight for me under my arms, but styled correctly, you don’t always see that. Adding a necklace, like in the picture on the right, the eye is drawn away from the arms, to the neck area. A necklace is essential when wearing this top as the neckline is also quite high. I have larger breasts, so all in all, this was not the best purchase for me. However, I have worn it about 3 times and will continue to style it up in the summer months ahead.

My second white top, was actually handmade for me by a friend. My daughter is getting married in February and I have been looking for a style of top to wear over a pleated skirt. I bought some cheap lace, to just play with the style and proportions. This top was quite inexpensive, but is an effective style. I love the lace, but I do wear it with a camisole underneath. It’s not perfectly made, as it was just a rough estimate of what I thought I wanted, but as it turns out, I do love how this fits me.

Wearing this homemade top in an all-white look. The best way to wear it.

Because I’m so short, I am going to make the actual top for the wedding day, just a wee bit shorter. I also find that because I’ve used two different types of lace made from different materials, this top has not got the best look about it. The border lace is made of 100% cotton so it is stiff and unforgiving, unlike the lace used in the body of the top. I have paired it in the second pic, with a neck piece made from reclaimed glass from the ocean. This is one of my favourite looks for summer.

This lovely white top, although not from a sustainable brand, is from a local brand. It is however, not a brand I would fully endorse as they don’t use organic cotton and although they use local labour, their prices are just too cheap for them to be ethical. However, in my defense, this piece was gifted for my birthday by a friend. I’ve paired it in the second picture, with some beads that are locally made from the seeds of grasses. The local craftswomen, gather up these beads, and depending from whom you buy them, you can pay R10 a strand, to anything as ridiculous as R200!

How I chose to wear it, with a half tuck.

Because the cotton on this top is quite stiff, (I do think it will soften as I wash it), I wore it half-tucked into a pair of jeans. I really do love the structure of this shirt and I don’t own a button-down shirt with no collar, so that’s a unique feature on this top. By giving the shirt a half-tuck, my waist is still defined and I don’t appear to be drowning in it. I think another way to wear this, would be over a tank top or camisole, almost as a summer jacket. The layering could add some interest, as you wouldn’t need to button the shirt up at all.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my white-shirt styling tips, and I am pleased with these additions to my wardrobe. Each one is well-thought out and not just randomly purchased on a whim. It would seem, my wardrobe really is becoming more consciously put together. For this, I am hugely pleased.

Belinda xo

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