Five Sustainable Gift Ideas

by Matilda

Belinda contacted me a little while back and said that we are going to do a YouTube video on sustainable Christmas gifts. Thank you, Belinda, for giving me a subject to write about for our blog.

We all love giving and receiving presents, but at what cost? When January rolls around we are broke and our holiday spirit has been crushed by all the waste. We don’t have to buy expensive gifts, that people probably don’t even need. Here are my five gift ideas that will help us to be more mindful of the environment and our budgets when we think of gifts.

A Kombucha starter kit is the gift that will keep on giving. This is the ideal gift for your health conscious friends and family. All you need is a glass decanter, tea bags, sugar and a Scoby with its starter tea. If you don’t have a Scoby, just ask around, someone will know someone who has one for you. Include handwritten instructions on how to care for your Scoby and how to make the Kombucha tea. Also, add a bottle of your own brew – just to give the recipient a taste of what they can expect from their starter kit.

Read my blog post on how to make Kombucha –

I am writing down all my favourite recipes for my daughter. I hope she doesn’t read this before Christmas (it would be such a spoiler). This way she has all the best and tested recipes with notes in one book. This is a great gift for someone who likes cooking and baking. It is even more special, because it is handwritten.

Recycled glass containers will make your eco-conscious friends’ hearts beat faster. We were all very reliant on plastic containers and plastic wrap in our homes, but there is a big movement away from that unsustainable lifestyle. This gift will help to make the transition from plastic to glass easier.

Microgreens are very healthy and easy to grow. If you have friends or family who love to grow things, this is the gift for them. Microgreens are super easy to grow and don’t need a lot of space. They are also packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Learn how to grow microgreens here:

Lastly for the person that has everyting – a gift voucher. I know, I know, it is sooo boring. It feels as if you didn’t put any effort or thought into this gift, but sometimes you just can’t find the right fit for a difficult person. Don’t get just any gift voucher, though. Get one from a sustainable shop or any thrift shop. I would love to go to a second hand store and dig up some treasures. Hint, hint.

I am sure that Belinda will want to do a blog post on this subject too. Her ideas will be totally different from mine, because we are so different from each other. So, stay tuned for more kick-ass sustainable gift ideas.

Matilda xo

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