Black Friday and the Conscious Consumer.

by Belinda


Everyone who is anyone, knows about Black Friday! But how does this affect us once we have made changes to our shopping habits? I have a few tips to help you get through Black Friday, with no, or minimal regret. Let’s get down to it…

1. Shop with a list:

This sounds like the easiest thing to do, but if you are not trained in list-shopping, you will be distracted. Be sure to go through your list several times before Friday or late Thursday night. Keep deleting items that are non-essentials, or things you have not long-wished for. Keep the list minimal. Don’t use this day, to break all the rules you’ve worked so hard to establish. You will feel shitty and unaccomplished if you fail.

2. Don’t shop in-store:

The hype, the frenzy, the mayhem will affect you and you will cave at one point or another. Avoid the craziness at all cost. Do you know there are actually people in this world who don’t even shop on Black Friday? Can that be possible? It absolutely is. And you could be one of them. This is an easy tip for me, as I don’t even enjoy shopping in-store at the weekends, so Black Friday feels like hell to me.

3. Shop at midnight on-line:

Yes, I do advise you to stay up and get the best deals if you can as soon as you can. This is the time for you to buy that coveted handbag that could well be 60% off, and if you’ve been dreaming about that bag for 8 months or more, then do spoil yourself. But we all know, the early bird catches the worm, so be vigilant and ready.

4. Stay calm:

Prior to settling down before your laptop or PC, or your phone, make yourself a nice cup of chamomile tea. It will soothe your nerves. Make sure you are familiar with your list. Get comfortable but not too comfortable, that you end up over-doing it. Stay completely focused. The trick is not to be caught off guard by pop-up advertisements. You know exactly what you want and need, and you’re going to stick to that. When you feel your pulse racing, or your shopaholic tendencies rising, close your eyes, take a sip of the tea and breathe. You can do this!

5. Shut off your device:

Once you’ve completed your purchase and you’ve got what you came for, so to speak, shut off your PC, your laptop or your phone! Yes, completely shut it down. This will reduce your temptation to go back and see if there was perhaps a bargain you might be able to add. Make it final. Switch off your light, and shut off your brain – hence the chamomile tea before-hand.

It’s over! You made it! You shopped your list!

Who am I kidding? We all know there’s a purchase or two, or five that crept in there just because of the price. But hey… You did better. This time, you only purchased 5 items more than you intended. Next time will be even better. Who knows? Maybe one day, you won’t even remember what Black Friday was. Here’s hoping it won’t be when dementia sets in.

Conscious shopping does not mean the same for everyone, so remember, be kind to yourself. You did better than you’ve ever done before and you can only improve. Honestly, as I write this, I realise I need to get to my list and make sure it’s completely updated and streamlined. These tips are the very tips I use. I’m not perfect, but aim to be better with each passing year. This lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. These changes take time, but I do hope that in some small way, I have encouraged you to be a more conscious consumer. The more of us there are, the better the world will be.

Belinda xo

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