My Partner Dresses Me Challenge

By Belinda

Last month, whilst planning for the month of November, we decided it would be fun to do +mypartnerdressesmechallenge on Instagram. We put it out on the Gram and for a very small brand, Matilda and I were quite honoured and thrilled at the response. In the end, we were ten ladies participating.

It has been quite a bit of fun watching the different ladies post their daily outfits selected by their partners. We are a good mix of different ages, different represented countries and therefore varying timelines, and completely different seasons too. I think it’s just Matilda and I in the Southern Hemisphere, having fun in the sun. Also, we are the first to post each day, with our English counterparts, posting approximately 2 hours later – however, I must say that sometimes they post even earlier than we do. I guess that happens if you have to be up and out of the house early for work. Matilda and I work from home and generally have late starts.

On our first day, both Matilda and I, were pleasantly surprised by what our husbands had chosen. My husband, Johann, asks me each morning, prior to getting my outfit ready, what my plans are for the day and then he checks what the weather will be like.

Each time we do a challenge, I like to see what it is I learn about myself. This challenge, in all fairness, is less about me, and more about my husband. So what did I learn about him?

I learned that he pays attention to what I wear. Each outfit he’s chosen, is definitely comprised of items I love and wear often. Day 2 is something that I’ve already worn, paired together, almost exactly as he did, except for the shoes. I purchased the top as a shirt dress in Greece last year. After not wearing it for an entire year, even though I’m mad about the material and stripes, I decided to chop off the bottom and make it into a bit of an oversized shirt. Since then, it has honestly become a firm favourite. These pants, I purchased at Burberry in Florence, Italy in 2015. They cost me a small fortune. They were on a rail marked 50% off, but when I went to pay for them, they were only discounted by 20%. I was more embarrassed to tell the shop assistant I wouldn’t take them, so I would have to say I bought these a bit under pressure. What originally started as a pressure buy, has turned into another wardrobe staple. They are just beautiful!

We still have two days left of this challenge. By the time you read this, we will have finished it, but I’m going in to theater for a foot operation tomorrow (Thursday), so I wrote my post a bit early. It’s only Wednesday today, but in the spirit of being prepared and leaving as little as possible for Matilda to have to pick the slack up on, I have pre-written my Blog post and am also up to date with my Facebook posts until Wednesday next week. I’m not sure how much pain I’m going to have and I didn’t want to feel pressured or place undue stress on Matilda either.

I will update you all on the foot surgery in due course. For now, I am extremely pleased with what I’ve learned about my husband. He’s not the most complimentary person, so doesn’t often tell me I look great. Maybe he doesn’t think I do, but at least I now know, he pays acute attention to my wardrobe and style. So far, there hasn’t been a day that I’ve felt uncomfortable with the outfit he’s chosen. Today, with these Zara slip-ons, my feet did feel a bit hot toward lunchtime, but to be fair, the weather said it would rain all day, which did not happen. The rain usually cools our temperatures down, but by lunchtime today, it was yet again, 30degC.

I look forward to seeing what he chooses for me to wear to the hospital tomorrow, and whether he’s paid attention to the fact that one of my feet will be in Plaster on Friday, so the outfit he selects for me to come home in, should be a skirt or dress. Somewhere last week, I do remember trying to get his attention to this fact, but I’m not too sure he heard me. We are packing my hospital bag in the morning, so I will then know. Let me know if you’re interested in a short follow-up, to see if he indeed paid attention or not.

Belinda xo

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