A vintage thrift a(fair)

by Matilda



I never thought that I would be selling pre-loved clothing at an outdoor market. Never did I imagine that I would get up at an ungodly hour to drive to a location, help to set up a stall, unpack a lot of stuff and be a vendor for a day. Just to reverse the whole process again in the late afternoon. How did all this come about?

Belinda is unstoppable if she has a good idea and a plan of action. That is how Belle Whimsy Clothing came into being. Instagram and Facebook were chosen as the platforms from which to advertise good quality, pre-loved clothes. From the start Belinda decided to stay flexible. She meant to go with the flow. Nothing would be forced. She would make decisions as opportunities came her way.

I can’t remember the exact date that I also became involved, but it has changed the way I think about how to buy and sell clothes. Belinda asked me to help with Belle Whimsy Clothing and again she has exposed me to more than I thought possible. Belinda still does most of the work, but it is my hope that I can move closer, so that I can be of more assistance. Shortly after I joined Belle Whimsy, Belinda was approached by an organiser of a local market. We decided to spread our wings.

With our husbands’ help we set up a stall and were ready to do business. To our frustration we didn’t sell much and we met with some resistance from the public. Most of the people who visited this market didn’t understand that buying second hand not only saves money, but that it is also a way to live a less wasteful life. This community market was not the place for us.

In the beginning of the year, Belinda and I visited a local thrift fair and we loved it. So after our miserable trading at the community market we thought of The Vintage Square Thrift Fair and how the whole market is geared towards second hand clothing and accessories. The Vintage Square Thrift Fair is held the first Saturday of every month. We decided to try and secure a spot for September. The moment we were accepted, we were over the moon. We fully expected to have to wait a couple of months before we could get in with the in crowd.

We were so nervous the first time. We didn’t know what to expect or how we would be received. All our fears were unfounded. The other vendors accepted us with open arms and the organiser is a honey. The vibe is amazing and it feels so inclusive. We also sold much, much more than we did at the other market.

It is hard work, but the joy I get out of being at The Vintage Square Thrift Fair, makes it totally worth it. I get to spend the day with one of my favourite people in the world, I get to mingle with all kinds of interesting humans and I am part of a business. It is all good to me.

Matilda xo

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