“Wearing it twice” challenge. . . again

by Matilda


Belinda already had her say about this challenge we did for Instagram and now it is my turn. The idea behind the challenge is to wear an item of clothing two days in a row. We did include shoes, because if your item is too dirty to wear again, you are in trouble. Wearing a dress or a jumpsuit can also be problematic if you have to wear it twice, but style it differently.

We started the challenge on the first of October and now we are going into our final four days of the challenge. I started off by really enjoying the process. Thinking of how I can re-wear an item and not have the outfits look the same. I am also trying not to wear an item again after I’ve already styled it twice. This is the real challenge for me. I wore my favourite outfits the first two weeks and then I had to really think about what I was going to wear. I also like to plan at least a week ahead, taking into account what is going to happen in my week.

If I’m being totally honest, I have to admit that I liked the planning of wearing items twice more than actually wearing them twice. Our region was hit with a heatwave and we were very sweaty. So you can imagine that we didn’t feel very fresh. If we ever do this challenge again, we should do it in the winter.

Because we decided to do this challenge for a whole month I had another problem. I found it difficult to say something original about #wearingitagain for the umpteenth time on Instagram. I became very predictable and uninspiring. I am very grateful for the kind Instagram community that we are a part of. Up to now they have been very forbearing.

I can truly say that this is a fun challenge, but would be better kept for cooler weather. Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to say on Instagram about #wearingittwice for another two days. Thank goodness that I share this responsibility with Belinda.

Matilda xo

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