French Toast Our Way

by Matilda

Growing up, we used to eat French Toast with marmite and tomato sauce or syrup if you fancied something sweet. Yes. We had no class at all. I didn’t even know that cream cheese existed until I was about twelve years old. My children don’t like any of the classy or less classy condiments that can go with french toast, but they love it our way.

First of all I want to come clean. This way of eating french toast is in no way healthy – it is a treat. White bread that is a bit stale, works the best. I remove the crusts from the bread. Just because that is the way we like it. For the egg mixture I use one egg per two slices of bread. This depends on how big the eggs are and the thickness of the slices of bread. I add a dash of vanilla essence and whisk. I suppose that real vanilla would be better, but we are not foodies. I like things easy.

Melt butter in a non-stick pan and use a low heat setting. Too much heat gives you a crunchy golden outside, but soggy, yellow mush on the inside. Dunk the crust-less bread in the egg mixture and coat the bread liberally with the whisked egg and vanilla essence.

Fry the coated slices of bread until they are golden brown on both sides. This takes a while, because I do it over low heat. By this time my family has followed their noses to the kitchen and are standing around annoying me with: ” is it ready yet”?

Now for the icing on the cake, or the sugar and cinnamon on the french toast. Sprinkle your eggy bread with sugar and cinnamon. How much? Let your taste buds decide. This is how my kids love french toast. They say it reminds them of doughnuts.

This is such an easy way to give everyone a treat and I always have all the ingredients at hand. Enjoy!

Matilda xo

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