More of the 10×10 challenge

by Matilda

I know. I know. Belinda already did a post about the 10×10 challenge, but I also wanted to write about what my experience was like. It is day nine of the challenge as I am writing this. So, day ten’s outfit will unfortunately not be featured. We also skipped day six because we wore black to show solidarity with the national #enoughisenough movement against gender based violence in South Africa.

The idea of the challenge is to wear the same ten items of clothing for 10 days. We included shoes, but excluded accessories. On the first of September we posted our ten items and also our first outfits of the challenge to Instagram. Both of us posted our outfits to Instagram everyday. That keeps me accountable.

For the challenge I chose two pairs of shoes, two bottoms, four tops, a dress and a denim jacket. All of the items are pre-loved except for the wide legged pants. As I am typing this I realise that almost all of my closet once belonged to Belinda. Only three of the challenge items came from elsewhere. As a side note: thanks so much, Belinda. The details of the items are:

  • White sneakers – Soviet
  • Pink slip on shoes – bought in Oman (gifted)
  • Jeans – Marks and Spencer
  • Wide legged pants – Chalk Clothing
  • Blouse with tassles – David Jones
  • Green T-shirt with collar – bought in Switzerland (gifted)
  • Striped shirt – Merien Hall
  • Grey top – Out of the Blue
  • Floral dress – no label (gifted)
  • Denim jacket – cover jeans now

I planned all the basic outfits before hand and just added accessories on the day. The weather on the days just before the challenge was very pleasant and I was sure that winter was over and done with. Thinking that one warm layering item would surely be enough, it was quite easy to decide which clothes to choose. Surprise, surprise. On day five it rained and on day six it was cold. And just for fun we had a stall at The Vintage Square Thrift Fair on the coldest day of the challenge. We did love the fair, but that’s a story for another time.

A ten day challenge would definitely be more difficult in winter. All the layering would force you to wear more items at once. We will see how we feel next winter season. We might give it a go.

This challenge was a lot of fun and not difficult at all. I did enjoy not having to spend time on planning an outfit everyday and it forced me to think more creatively about how to make the same things look fresh.

Maybe we can do a thirty day challenge next. Anybody else feeling up to it, or have you done a similar challenge?

Matilda xoxo

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