My Ongoing 10X10 Challenge

by Belinda


At the beginning of September, as part of our journey into more conscious shopping, Matilda and I decided to join Oxfam in the pledge of “Not buying New in September.” As part of this awareness journey, we made a decision to give the 10X10 challenge a try.

So what is a 10X10 wardrobe? It is essentially 10 items of clothing that you wear over a prescribed period of time, in order to decide whether you really love those clothes, and to encourage creativity and versatility in putting outfits together for that prescribed amount of time. The outfits may or may not be the same. That is entirely up to the individual. My own personal challenge, is not to duplicate any outfits over the 10 days we are doing this challenge for.

My first day doing the 10X10 Challenge.

My personal choice for this specific challenge, was to go for a neutral palette. This enables me to pair all of the items together and create as many unique outfits as possible, without putting too much thought into it. It’s not that I don’t put thought into my daily outfits, but I wanted this challenge to be as simple and easy for me as possible, so I wouldn’t fail! From the onset, we chose to not limit ourselves where any accessories were concerned. The challenge would include our clothing items and shoes. This obviously makes it easier still, as we can add different bags and jewelry to keep it fresh.

Day 3 – my jumpsuit with brown accessories.

Although we are only four days into this challenge, I have found myself planning each outfit until the last, so that there will be no repeats. I am aware that I didn’t want it to be difficult, but I’m equally attuned to the fact that I am actually having fun! I did not expect to enjoy this. I thought I would find it tedious and boring. Instead, the opposite is true.

On the third day, I chose to wear my black jumpsuit with brown espadrilles and a brown bag. I found that this was a great look for day wear. As much as I adore this jumpsuit, I have only worn it about 3 times in the past year. Even after including it into this challenge, I thought I might wear it once, but in my planning of the outfits over the next few days, I’ve already made 3 outfits out of it. This pleases me immensely and has shown me just how versatile this piece is.

Day 4 – Loving this monochromatic look.

Jean outfits are my daily uniform. Although it’s great to have a uniform, I decided to only use one pair of jeans for this challenge. I did end up wearing them the first two days, although the fold up at the ankle irritated me immensely, so I chopped them off at the ankle on the second morning. I now realise I wear jeans because I don’t have to think about them. They are my go-to when I really don’t have a clue what to wear. This specific challenge has stretched me to place more thought into what I’m actually putting on my body, and exactly how I am presenting myself. Yesterday, I was complimented a few times in my jumpsuit, and today, my husband told me how great I look in the above outfit.

I must say there is a little story behind my pieces today. The shirt used to be a dress and I just never wore it, so one day, I decided to chop off the bottom and since then, I have tended to wear it more. I wanted to include it as I love stripes and the neutral palette makes it easy to wear with both bottoms and perhaps over the jumpsuit – we will have to see. The story behind the pants is that I purchased them in Italy in 2015 on holiday with my husband. We were at an Outlet and they are Burberry. I was immediately drawn to them, and they fit perfectly. They were on a rack that said 50% off, but when I went to pay for them, they were only 20% off. The sales assistant said someone had obviously tried them on and placed them in the wrong place. With our currency as bad as it is against the Euro, I almost wanted to cancel the sale, but my husband said to keep them. They are a fabulous classic style and work so well for me especially now, with the cropped look being so in. I am only 5’1″, so most cropped styles fit me past the ankle. These are perfectly cropped at the most appropriate length.

I look forward to the next 6 days. If anything, this challenge has tickled my curiosity to at least try a capsule closet. There will be more about that if I choose to create one, in the future. For now, I’m having fun styling my 7 pieces of clothing, and 3 pairs of shoes in new and exciting ways.

Belinda xo

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