Why I don’t love Spring

by Matilda

The days are getting longer and warmer. I hear crickets at night. Birdsong wakes me from my slumber at sunrise. The blanket layers are coming off the bed. Less layers of clothing. These are the things I love about spring.

The pollen count is getting higher. I swear I heard a mosquito last night. Shorter dresses and skirts. Spaghetti strap tops. Shorts. I have to shave my legs. These are the things I don’t love about spring.

Like a lot of people I’ve had body issues. Here too little, there too much. This should be firm, that should be smooth. Some parts are too flat, other areas are too curvy. I can’t even say that I’ve made peace with every part of my body.

One of the things that really bother me, is my spider veins. Mostly it looks like blue bruises on my shins. I feel self-conscious in shorter skirts, dresses and shorts. I always try to cover my shins, but that hem length doesn’t flatter my body shape.

Me, on the left, hiding my spider veins. Belinda on the right.

There are gels and creams available to treat spider veins, but they did not work for me. I now have to decide if I am going to try laser therapy or Sclerotherapy. Laser treatment directs pulses from a laser light to the spider veins, causing tiny blood clots to form. The blood vessels become blocked off and eventually are reabsorbed by the body. Sclerotherapy involves having a salt solution injected directly into the affected area, causing the veins to collapse. The area may be tender for a few days and it may bruise, but bruising should fade over a few weeks. Sclerotherapy may require multiple treatments. The injections can be slightly painful.

I have one other choice. I can accept what my legs look like, veins and all. The spider veins have been a part of my body for a long time now. Maybe it is a non-issue. I have no idea what I will do in future, but for now I will stay as I am.

I do plan to drink more water, eat more fruit and exercise more.

Matilda xoxo

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Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

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