The Flatlay… Does it work?

by Belinda


Going to a meeting… Business-like outfit needed.

Happy Friday! Where has this week gone? Each day this past week, has presented it’s challenges in our household, but when things tend to falter around me, the one thing that I don’t want to think about, is my outfit for the day.

For this very reason, I have found flatlays to be so helpful. All I do is play around with the specific item of clothing I want to wear and then add different pieces to it, to see which one will work best for me. This way, I have an idea of what goes best with the item I am desiring to wear.

In this series of photos, I share my process with you. I wanted to wear my ‘new’ thrifted black shirt. I love the structure and fit of it and I thought that if it got warmer during the day, I could roll up the sleeves. It was a wee bit chilly in the morning, so the long sleeves would be perfect. My go-to ‘uniform’, if you will, is jeans and a shirt, but I was meeting a friend for her birthday, so I wanted to at least look like I’d made more effort. As I played with the bottoms, the shoes and the jewellery, I began to get a feel for what I wanted. The jeans looked great, to me at least, but I thought the white jeans might look a bit more chic. I then spotted (excuse the pun), my leopard print skirt, which I’d not gravitated to much this winter, and I loved how it paired with the fitted shirt. I’d found my outfit!

I found this outfit through playing with flatlays!

Don’t get me wrong, some days, this whole process does seem a bit time-consuming. It takes time and effort to place the outfits out in a way that is remotely pleasing to the eye, and then still photographing each one. However, I think this is so worth the effort when you have a special function or event, or even a business meeting to attend. I do also love to hang outfits on my rail and play around with them that way – but that’s another process, for another day. I do think I made the right choice with this outfit. I was comfortable and I certainly felt like I looked stylish. My friend complimented me, which of course made me feel like the time I took laying out each outfit, was well-worth the effort. It did actually warm up even before I’d left home, but the shirt was still comfortable and I didn’t, at any time feel, I should have worn any of the other options.

Belinda xo

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