My thought process when picking an outfit

by Matilda

We were invited to a fiftieth birthday celebration. A family affair. The in-laws. I have four amazing and successful sisters-in-law. All of them are accomplished career women. My very stylish mother-in-law was also going to be there. I began to feel a teeny bit insecure. I needed to plan what I was going to wear.

My process is fairly straight forward. Is the event during the day or in the evening? Is the event formal or informal or semi-formal? Do I have to wear comfortable shoes? What will the weather be like? In South Africa this is a very important factor at this time of the year. We can’t be sure of how a day will turn out. A gusty wind could keep you shivering or no wind could have you sweating in your sweater.

This specific celebration was a buffet lunch at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. Definitely informal and with comfortable shoes. The weather could go either way. After gathering all the relevant information it was time to put three outfits together and choose the one I feel most comfortable with.

My three options

I really liked the outfit on the left, but the light colour of the pants made me nervous. It is a garden after all. The outfit in the middle can be layered up with a denim jacket if I get cold. I love the colour of the shirt with the frills, but the pants are very summery.

My choice

I chose the floral dress, layered with a knitted three quarter sleeve sweater. I also grabbed my denim jacket for added protection if needed. I didn’t need it even a little bit. It was a lovely, mild day.

Fine vibes, good times

The weather was without a doubt perfect for outdoor dining. The gardens were buzzing with families enjoying the outdoors. We even saw the resident Black Eagle breeding pair. They apparently have a new chick, but we weren’t lucky enough to see it.

The waterfall beneath the eagle’s nest

The gardens are beautiful, even this time of the year. The buffet lunch was delicious and the company excellent. We had a great time.

Matilda xo

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