Styling my way!

by Belinda


Because of our daily Instagram posts, Matilda and I used to both do a type of styling photo every single day. We have since added the Blog to our home business, and we are learning so much about technology as we go, that we decided to take turns with the daily Instagram post, as we do with Facebook. If you happen to follow us on those platforms, we hope you enjoy our styling, as much as we have enjoyed creating the content for you.

We also don’t buy new often, so are unable to link items for you, but this has been a deliberate choice on our part. We style what we already have in our closets, and we shop second hand as far as possible. However, if we do show a new item of clothing, or any accessory here, we promise to link it for you.

Today, I styled an old pair of white, skinny jeans from Mango, together with a pair of nude heels I purchased in Zambia two months ago, with a light blue knit from David Jones at Woolworths, South Africa, which I purchased in the summer months. My inspiration for this outfit came, as it usually does, from Pinterest. The account is: and the blogger: loverlygrey

I loved the lightness of this outfit as today is an exceptionally warm day. But I do think it can be easily layered up, to create an even more appropriate outfit for winter. So I changed the shoes to these easy-to-wear, really old Woolworths slip ons in white. I added a scarf, which was a gift from my sister, who now lives in New Zealand, hence the delightful Kiwi theme. I also added a lacy, long, hooded cardigan that is an old purchase from two winters ago. This would be how I would wear it for the winter, especially on colder days. You could also change up the slip ons for a pair of ankle boots, which would give even more warmth to the feet and ankle area.

I do hope you like these styles. For me, it was a bit of a change from my very neutral, winter wardrobe. I must say that this outfit makes me feel light and airy!

Hope you have a beautiful day further. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Belinda xo

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Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

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