Neural Pathways to Fashion

by Matilda

Before I joined My Style Journey, I never planned my outfits, except when I had to attend an event. My stress levels were raised considerably as I was coming to grips with the agreed upon photo a day on Instagram. I was just one accessory away from a panic attack, but also determined to learn. I was so grateful that Belinda had been doing this already for a while, because her gentle encouragement helped me to find my feet.

Our very first styling post on Instagram

In just a couple of weeks I went from spending very little time thinking about fashion to being totally engrossed by hem lengths and clashing prints. I could feel new neural pathways forming in my brain. My mindset and my perspective on life has expanded so much since then. I now believe that it is very important to be attentive to what you wear.

But why is it important to pay attention to how you look? It is my opinion that our external life has to be aligned with our internal mind – and soulscape. It is very liberating to dress in clothes that reflect your true personality. I feel much more confident now that I know what I like and wear clothes that I feel completely comfortable in.

One of the biggest challenges for me is to style one clothing item in three different ways. The big reward is when I see how versatile one item can be. I have styled my basic long sleeve T-shirt with jeans, a skirt and plain black pants.

I enjoy this process so much and I am learning new things continually. I hope I will keep evolving and never be stagnant again.

Matilda xo

Published by My Style Journey

Fashions fade, style is eternal. YSL

One thought on “Neural Pathways to Fashion

  1. Oh how I agree! So many wonen wear clothes they don t feel good in! What a pity! It is so important to dress in what you love, you geel so much more confidant then!

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